questionsi am in desperate need to find a dry erase…


There is this one, but I'm not sure how the little clips they show allow it to attach to a refrigerator.

I know this one will work:


I was looking for a calendar version though not just a blank one.


My wife got this one a few years ago. We've started using something else since (no longer on the fridge), but this is nice because you can always have a rolling 4-week outlook instead of being stuck with a bunch of past stuff at the end of the month.

It's made up of 4 separate weekly magnetic boards that fit together. At the end of the week, just move the top board to the bottom, fill in the new dates, and keep going. You don't have to erase or rewrite any of the upcoming stuff you've already written.


@anotherhiggins Oh wow I love the separate weeks that's perfect thx a lot!


They were not longer available at office depot the only place I could find them is thanks though :D 10 percent cashback with bing :D


You can find decorative fridge calendars at