questionsdo you want to know when you are going to die?


I'd like to know. I could make a solid career change. If I knew that I was going to die at the ripe old age of 80; I'd go get a extremely high paying job that includes doing some life threatening crap. Like a stunt-double. I'd also peer into my future death and see if I'm paralyzed or missing a few limbs. If I'm a healthy man dying of old age, stunt double it is.


I'd like to know. It would be a good way to put things/ life in perspective, as well as a great reminder to make sure I accomplish all the things I want to before I go.


Yes. I would like to know how/when to prepare (emotionally and financially) my family.


I'd like maybe a 2 or 4 hour warning. Enough time to say goodbye and make sure someone was going to take care of my pets, but not enough time to get all maudlin about it. I have lost a lot of people in my life suddenly, so I am keenly aware that life can end with no warning. I try to get as much accomplished as I can each day rather than putting off my dreams. One of my concerns living alone is dying in some fashion that none of my friends know it's happened and so my pets go without food, and more importantly, water for days. I only see my friends on the weekends, so if something happened to me early in the week I don't know if anyone would let them know so they could make sure the animals are cared for. I don't have to worry about long-term placement for them, a half dozen of my friends have said they would love to become my Great Dane's guardian, and my mom and niece both want my Siamese. I don't have a spouse or kids so my pets are my only responsibility.


I already asked a Gypsy and found out.


If it was for real, I think yes. Obviously it would be stressful when you were in your last ten hours of life, but imagine being able to plan your savings and your career based on an end date. If you knew you were going to die at 32, you wouldn't need to put a little away each month and COULD waste everything on a cool car! Alternatively, if you knew you'd live to 150, you'd know it would be a great investment to pay off a house as soon as you could. And it would be so easy to make sure you said goodbye to everyone who mattered over the last week, or to split up your possessions well in advance.


Is it guaranteed? For example, no matter what happens, I won't die until that day? Then yes. I'll take up a career as a stunt man or daredevil. That'd be awesome!


I wouldn't want to know. "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."


Several years ago I read a book called White Noise (not related to the movie of the same name that came out several years ago) about a guy who was obsessed with knowing when he would die. It became his obsession and ultimately many important events in his life passed him by because he was too obsessed with knowing when he would die.

Here's the wikipedia entry for the book:


Yup. Love to know how too so I can try to avoid it and do things that are risky where i wouldn't worry about getting hurt.


Not if you live like it's going to be tomorrow.
And by that I mean homeless and penniless.

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I wouldn't. I like not knowing, because then I can continue to live my life like I have a tomorrow, but still refuse to not live for the moment. I try to take little vacations and have a good time even though I don't have tons of money to do so, just so I can say I enjoyed a good life. (if any of that makes sense, lol)

The only thing I worry about is my cats. I know one might be ok, but the other two? No one wants my Siamese, she's too crazy, and I know she wouldn't survive in a shelter for more than a day or two, she'd go 'feral' from fear. My black cat would probably be OK, everyone loves him, and I know someone would take him. My oldest cat, the brown tabby is a good boy, but has to stay on a special diet, I worry about what would happen to him as well. As for the rest of my stuff, I'm sure my family would throw it all out, lol!~


@baybei: "No one wants my Siamese, she's too crazy, and I know she wouldn't survive in a shelter for more than a day or two, she'd go 'feral' from fear."
Same here. The Intern is adorable, but also has those streaks and really not equipped for someone less patient.

I wouldn't want to know. I figure life's going to tick out when it does, and I worry too much about everything else.


It would be helpful to know if I had time for Smartpost or just to get the 2 day shipping.


@baybei & @inkycatz: My cat is the best behaved feline on the planet. She stays off the counters, doesn't climb or get into anything, toilets outside or in the litterbox. Keeps me company without being clingy. Gets up for a snack at 4am when the dog and I take a pee break and otherwise sleeps through the night at my feet. The dog came to me condemned for behavioral problems and through diligent training has become a perfect gentleman and therapy dog. He has special dietary needs and is very expensive to keep, but many friends want him even knowing this as he is well known and loved by all. What my volunteer guardians don't know is that a significant chunk of the value of my house and insurance policy will be going with my pets for their lifetime care. Whoever takes them in will find they will not be a financial burden.


@lparsons42: sounds a bit like a rip on Henry James' " The Beast in the Jungle " . Classic short story/novella.


No matter, I try to live everyday as if it were my last day. I do my best to show as much caring, friendship, and love to my friends and family as possible.