questionswhich goes faster, the second half of a roll of…


If you fueled up at the 7-11, and you also sprang for that Spicy Big Bite that has been on the rollers since 8PM and it's now 8AM... I would say the TP!


I would say TP. You really get an illusion of having a lot left and then one day, POOF it's gone.

Note: I am guessing most people will misread that poof part :P


I also gotta say the TP. Seems like I am always running low on the stuff.


Clearly, your gas gauge is defective. My eyes are NOT when viewing a roll of toilet paper. My answer: (With eyes wide open.) is the toilet paper.

Besides, I've mentioned before - rolls of toilet paper are getting smaller & smaller. The size of the sheets are diminishing. The cardboard roll is getting bigger in diameter. Am very ticked off at this latest deception. /rant


Would depend on how you measured the TP..
Bit I would also pick the TP...


Definitely the TP. But that's also because my car's gas gauge is more useless than a hooked hand on a snail. I was going to make a horribly offensive analogy there, but I figured this being the internet, a place of high brow humor, that wouldn't fit right in.

Oh, I wonder what's on


My husband thinks I'm crazy when I tell him the last 1/4 of the tank has almost no gas in it.
The first 1/4 last forever.

As for has a lot to do with who is in the bathroom.


This is an easy one:

When a roll of toilet paper is at it's half-point size, there is actually less paper than the first half. As the roll is wrapped, more paper can fit on top of each consecutive layer but only occupying the same amount of space as the layer before it. When I go from a close-to-finished roll, it takes more spins to get the proper amount of paper than a fresh roll.

All things being equal with a functioning gas gauge, toilet paper will always go faster, proportionally, than a 1/2 gas gauge.

You're welcome.

P.S. I did not factor in the times when you think you only have gas but need toilet paper.


@curtisuxor: I disagree. I see what you are saying, but if you can stipulate a functioning gas gauge, can't one also stipulate an accurate estimate of 1/2 the roll of toilet paper? That is, not just half the thickness of the roll remaining, but half the sheets left.


I wouldn't know since with the price of gas now I can never fill the tank more than half full. At least I do keep a few rolls of toilet paper around.