questionswhat are the best diy pest control products?


We had ants last year and the combat baits were worthless, Terro liquid ant baits worked really well though, so I'm already dealing with the ants.


As far as little black ants go, my wife found a mixture of Borax, Sugar and water that works as bait for them. I couldn't believe how many ants were on the traps. The next day, all the ants were gone and we haven't seen any since.

I'll see if I can get the ratio and post it here later.


1 cup of water
1 Tablespoon of sugar
1 Tablespoon of Borax

Put it in a shallow dish (a jar lid works well) with a few cotton balls. The ants will come and eat, then leave. It's important you don't smash them (takes a lot of self control). When they get back to the nest, they share the bounty and all of them die (in what I hope is horrific).

Not sure about other critters. Good luck!


for ants, I swear by TERRO liquid ant baits. It's a little 1.5" x 3.5" nearly flat plastic container. Snip an end open with scissors and place it near ant trails. The clear liquid bait kills slowly, most of the ants will take it back to the nest/hive and poison the other ants, killing a large portion of the colony. After about 2-4 days, the ants near the bait will have vanished!


We used to fight tiny ants in the kitchen all summer. We have found that the Combat Source Kill baits placed OUTSIDE the house do the best job of keeping them under control. I figure, lure them AWAY from the kitchen. The Terro never worked for us (but it would be worth a try for anyone). If we put the Combat baits out in mid March and change them every 3 months through November, we do not see any ants.

We also have earwigs that seem to hatch after rainy spells. I HATE those little buggers! They show up in the bathrooms and kitchen. We sprinkle Triazicide around the foundation of the house (outside) and sometimes place roach baits inside the house under cabinets and such (where the cats can't get at them).


Too bad the cats don't go after the roaches. All the cats I've ever owned or lived with loved attacking and munching on junebugs and roaches and those critters. Are you sure your cats aren't helping with those vermin?


What worked best in my pantry was cinnamon and oatmeal. Ants are repelled by the scent of cinnamon and if the eat the oatmeal, it expands in their stomach. I would put a line on the edge of each shelf. The ants will not cross the cinnamon line. Within a day or two you will not see the critters again.


Diotomaceous earth is the safest thing with pets and kids, although people have mixed results with it. But it's safe enough to eat, some people actually bake it into their bread. It's used in toothpaste and dynamite.

I also don't have to worry about it as my cat will kill any bugs she finds in the house.


Cornmeal seems to work really well for ants. Apparently they can't digest it and starve to death if you feed it to them.


I wouldn't use borax around cats.

For ants, baby powder works well.

For pantry bugs (I had to deal with carpet beetles), I used Gentrol Point Source. Safe around cats and kids. Those should kill the roaches.


If the pests are squirrels, rats or mice, a .22 short with a silencer always worked for me.


Have you ever thought to drop poison around the perimeter of you house? This usually works but one it back fired when we poisoned under the deck, one year and the ants came in the house like crazy after we did it, then we had to put a bit of poison right outside the door, ants gone in 1 day.
I only had ants two times, so I speak from limited experience.


@mtm2: I use a 22 caliber air rifle with a 3x scope to take care of the rats and mice that keep coming to our yard to eat the grapes growing on our back fence. My 8 yr old daughter sits there with bino's and acts as my spotter. She was begging me to get us ghillie suits for this summer so we can play sniper and use the rats as Taliban. Anyway, no need for a suppressor with it, it's an air rifle and even at 1,000+ FPS its nice and quiet.


Check out They have commercial grade products that are identical to those used by the pros. I use Talstar


For ant bait, you can NOT go wrong with Advion. It's like crack for ants.

It's not really sold to DIYers, but you can find it online. It'll be a bit expensive, but a little bit goes a LONG way. 1 tube of it will be all you need for the entire house for a year. Just 1 or 2 drops of the gel in a hidden area and you'll be all set.


Lemongrass oil is a good way to repel bugs while keeping your kitties safe. Lemongrass is even used in cooking. I have been using it in my house for years around my two cats. We get ants every summer, usually near the cat food. I just spray a line around the placemat that their food bowl sits on once a day and the ants are gone in 2-3 days. If we have ants elsewhere in the house too, we spray a line at each doorway to our house. I can say from experience that it also works on spiders and earwigs. Not sure if it will work on roaches.

The problem might be finding it. The Walmart near us used to carry it but of course now that I'm running low it's nowhere to be found.


@sunnyx0r: Check soap making suppliers (if you mean the essential oil). Lemongrass is very common in handmade soaps and lotions, so just about all of them will carry it - cheap, too!


@raijen: This is the actual product that I'm using:

But I imagine the essential oil would work as well, if not better, to repel the insects. Thanks!


@kamikazeken: I totally agree -- Terro is the only product that's ever worked worth a damn for me.


You can order lemongrass oil at
Peppermint oil works well too.Too pungent for kitties to want anything to do with. You can also plant mint outside around your house. It deters them. Added bonus : fresh mint leaves for you iced tea or mint julep.
Throw a few bay leaves in the cupboards. Got rid of moths and ants with those too.
Basically things that disrupt their pheromones they leave for others to follow.


I know it is probably impossible but if there is a place where the cats don't go you could put out glue traps. No poisons involved but if the cats find them it could be messy. Glue traps catch everything from small insects to mice or rats depending on size. If you really wanted you could make them yourself but buying them is probably cheaper.


We had a sudden flea infestation to deal with last summer and our vet recommended Knockout ES. Not only did it handle that problem immediately, but I didn't see another insect or spider for months. I've taken to spraying the baseboards in the whole house and garage every three months or so. I highly recommend it!