questionswill anything change now?


Don't forget that Woot is basically a captain-less ship since the departure of snapster. Oh, I'm sure there's someone wearing a captain's hat in the Woot HQ, but they certainly aren't embiggened with the Woot spirit the way the last captain was.


I honestly don't feel there's been that big of a degradation, though I can see where those that do are coming from. I'm sure things will change, and I'm equally sure some will think its for the better and some will think its for the worse.

Woot's growing and they are a business. This unfortunately means that a lot of the fun stuff cant happen anymore/ as often, because business, professionalism, capitalism, blah blah blah.

Even then, I'm of the opinion that deals.woot is as strong as ever. There are still great community deals posted and deals has the most awesome people I've ever seen collected in a single place online. Even if I never buy another item from Woot again, I don't see myself giving up the community.


Behind the scenes, I feel that there are employees who do want the "old Woot" back, but that alas, it's not up to them to change it.

Let's start with shirts (go fig, right?) ... in spite of the comments and complaints that still continue 7+ months later, we've seen zero signs of addressing that. To the bean counters, it's great because the bottom line got better; they couldn't care less that the old Wooters are pissed and leaving, that the artists are taking more losses once again, or how future business will suffer because of a lack of repeat customers and negative word-of-mouth advertising. Right now, the numbers (profits) look good.

Corporate culture has overtaken what made Woot "Woot".


I don't even know if they can do their roots. They always were a 2nds market, but with competition and a tie into Amazon they need to throw out more options. I don't mind the deals plus since there are decent deals...and w/ moofi, they've been running constant side deals for a while. The place is different, but in no way is it worse. I've been around here for a long time. Gone are the days of leakfrogs & roombas, but I'm not so sure I 100% miss them.


I don't know. The staff around here seems to be trying very hard, but they keep falling on their own sword. Great example: the dust up around the BOC yesterday. A technical mistake compounded by a bunch of silly decisions, which just pissed everybody off. Me included.


There will be no learning because that would mean taking a step back to think about it.


I still miss the (almost) anything goes product threads and the bizarre items.