questionswhat christmas song drives you up the wall?


The 12 days of Christmas.

It's the "99 bottles of beer on the wall" of December.





Seriously, havne't heard ANYTHING but Chistmas schlock at any store since Halloween. If there were more than say 10 songs, it wouldn't be that bad, but well, there's only 10 songs, all of them re-written and re-hashed to "make them better" then played back to back until you're numb from the neck up.


"It came upon a midnight clear" is a song that annoys me. Mainly because it has nothing to do with Christmas, well it does talk about angels. It is a song about war and slavery. How did that get into our christmas carols?


Pretty much all of them. There are very few that bring up fond memories and make me happy. I think what made me hate them was for many years having to hear them from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas on practically every radio station, store and elevator (I actually wanted regular elevator music). Thank God I got and ipod and no longer have to worry about it. It probably would not be so bad if they would only play it for two weeks.


I don't like any of them, but especially want to render myself deaf with a hot poker when subjected to "Modern" renditions by such folks as Mariah Carey, Justin Beiber, Christina Aguilera, etc. Just so god awful.


grandma got runover by a reindeer and the barking dogs one. It should be legal to shoot some people.


I could certainly live the rest of my life never hearing "Grandma got run over by a reindeer" again and not miss it. I like most of the modern Christmas songs. But in "Feed the World" I hate the line in reference to the poor and hungry of the world: "Tonight thank god it's them instead of you". That's just... well, the idea of thanking god for hurting someone else at Christmas and sparing me is just so wrong on every level that it disturbs me every time I hear it.