questionshow many check the main woot! page, find nothing…


That is my exact daily routine!!


Almost. Except that part about checking the main Woot site. I can look at the other sites from the drop down menus real quick, but I admit that I don't even always do that.


I start with Deals Woot Fresh to look at the drop down menus and the sponsored deals and recent questions. I right click to open anything interesting in a new tab and look from there. Deals Woot is my portal to all others.


@nortonsark: Good idea! Since the tabs now open with a snapshot of each site, there's no need to even visit the Main page! Guess I'll start doing the same! Thanks!


For posterity:


Well, in the morning my bookmark is on deals.woot first.. see what's good on the first page of community deals.

Then I awkwardly forget to visit Woot!-plus like later in the afternoon after everything good (* cough * nerf * cough *) gets sold out.


I really only look on deals any longer. Woot is no longer the woot I once knew.


My homepage is

It used to be but then stuff happened.

Get on my level.


Yup. Except you left off the part about cruising community for a bit to find a place to drop a smarta... er, ah, wisecracking remark or two.


I start here at "deals", glance at the tabs, browse the community questions, then move on. Too bad, really. I used to enjoy the silly polls on the woot sub-sites, including sometimes participating in the poll discussions. I never look at them now. (I assume they still exist.) The product write-ups were often a hoot too, but I'm just not into click-click-clicking to read them.

I keep letting coupons expire, so I guess I haven't seen anything I want in quite a while - and the continued negative feedback keeps me from even considering a shirt purchase.

Overall, I 'm not a fan of the recent "improvements". Oh well.


Maiin site, then straight over here to Deals.


I forgot woot has a main page. My daily routine is:
Open Chrome
Hit the letter D in the bar
Hit enter
Hit fresh tab
Vote on deserving deals
Look at top
look at questions fresh. (respond vote)
Look at questions top.
If I still have time hover over the other woot sites.