questionsanybody get ripped off by tanga magazine…


I have bought two subscriptions from Tanga (and a couple of T-shirts as well) and never had a problem. Tanga has Woot-like delivery times, but that's part of the fun: you forgot you ordered something, and SURPRISE!! There it is.

OK, now riddle me this: do you REALLY know it was Tanga calling? What was on the Caller ID? I bet it was a blocked number.

My guess is that the same scammers who made the fraudulent charges on your card somehow accessed your account history, saw the Tanga charge, and decided to do a little over-the-phone phishing: "I'm sorry sir, that card no longer works. Can you please give us a new card?"

Why don't you try contacting Tanga directly and see what's up, then report back to us?

Paging @tangadotcom. Can you please comment?


I've bought quite a few magazine subscriptions through Tanga and have never had any issues.


@heymo: I agree and because of the word limit I was not able to go into detail. I definitely realize it could have been another party altogether. I am only out of a few bucks if I don't get the magazines, and I am not trying to throw anyone under the bus. We'll see what happens because my bank is looking into the point of origin for the fraudulent charges and will be dealt with accordingly. Basically, I just wanted to put this out there as a cautionary statement to look your bills over very good. I won't be buying anything from Tanga until this issue is resolved. I'll keep everyone posted, but I'd like to hear any similar occurrences with other people. I've read enough about similar stories on the internet concerning Tanga, but I'll reserve judgment until it is all sorted out.


never ordered magazines but have made a couple of purcahses through Tanga without issue


I ordered some magazines and received similar calls "we just want to make sure your subscriptions aren't interrupted..." The renewal price was at least 3x what I originally paid. I assumed that my contact info was sold to a 3rd party (as part of the reason the subscription was so cheap). It was probably 2 months after ordering that I recieved the first one. I bet it was not Tanga calling.


@benyust2: I agree, but just wanted to see if anyone here had similar experiences. The way the people were talking on the phone was definitely trying to con me. That, the reviews I read, and the fraudulent charges definitely woke me up. However, I am glad that no one else has spoken up so far.


The ubercheap magazine subscriptions always had me worried that something like this would happen to me down the road. I'd rather just pay a bit more than risk something like this unfurling.


More useful than paging Tanga directly, is paging my personal favorite interceder (no, that's not really a word):

@thefenst: Please poke folks at Tanga so that @sm0ld3r has a valid contact offline (I'm leaning towards the scammer suggestion posed by others, myself).


I've had the same experience as @benyust2.I just tell them - nope, not gonna renew.


I will reach out to the merchant and make sure this is handled.


@sm0ld3r TangaMatt from Tanga here. You weren't called by anyone from Tanga. Sounds like someone trying to perpetuate a scam.

The only information we give to a third party about you is what is necessary for you to receive a magazine subscription that you ordered. In that case, we have to supply your name and mailing address (not your phone or email address) to the magazine publisher so they can send you the magazine. Some publishers sell lists and we never give out ANY information.

If you get a telemarketing call from anyone representing themselves as Tanga, they received this information in some other fashion. Never give them any information over the phone. They compare names and addresses to a database to try to find phone numbers and then they start calling trying to scam people to buy subscriptions.

Bottom line? We don’t sell your information and never will.

As for your mags, email service at tanga dot com & we'll check on ETA for delivery for you.


@tangamatt: Thanks Matt. Like I said, I wasn't trying to throw anyone under the bus(well, maybe the cons). I knew something was fishy when she talked about my cancellation etc. This week has just been one thing after another, and hopefully it will calm down. Thanks for getting back to me, and just so you know, the word limit made it difficult to get the whole story without pointing fingers. As far as I am concerned, Tanga is alright with me!


Just to follow up... I did get another call from the same people trying to get me to give my credit and information to them. I shut them down very quickly as they basically back talked themselves out of needing to know my info. They asked how old I was and I asked what did my age matter regarding the transaction, and that I was over 18. They just hung up... Again.

Anyhow, I have received 2 of the 5 subscriptions so far and I think Tanga did well in letting me know it was not them calling me. Thank you all @Tanga, but there is still the question of how these other people got my name, number, credit info, and knew that I subscribed to magazines. I'll be doing business differently from now on as they charged quite a bit on my card before my own bank called me to ask if I was making the fishy charges.


Thanks for the follow-up. This is a good chance to let you know that we NEVER store credit card information. It’s passed securely to our credit card processing company and that is it. We don’t see it, we don’t store it.

As to how they got your information, I can't say. But you are clearly dealing with scammers that now know they have a "live one" on the hook and are going to try to milk it. I'm sorry you're having to deal with jerks like that. Keep us posted if there's other info we need to know.


@sm0ld3r: This is almost a year old so I doubt it matters at this point, but if you haven't already a virus/spyware/malware remover would be a wise investment of your time. Spybot Search & Destroy & AdAware are both good spyware removers (free). Avast and AVG are good anti-virus (free).

Like I said, 8 months I doubt that's even an issue anymore lol

But from all of the info it sounds like you had somebody looking at your stuff (which is why they knew you were subscribing to magazines..) Hard to say, so many aspects to an online transaction it's hard to say where the problem lies - just a suggestion :D


Something still doesn't add up. 1st, the initial charge for the magazines should have cleared and then sm0ld3r should have started receiving them.

2nd, how would a scammer know it was magazine subscriptions?

3rd, how would they know the subscription was cancelled since a 1-time payment should've resulted in an ACTIVE 1 year subscription?

4th why would a scammer have issue with what the subscription price was? A scammer would readily agree to any price because their efforts aren't to get paid for the magazine but rather to get more personal info like another CC number, to MAKE the deal not argue away the deal, & not to hang up with the mark (customer) on the line already engaged in what seemed a legit transaction which is what a scammer is trying to make the victim believe.

I too suspect that what was advertised was not the program sm0ld3r was entered into, perhaps in error. Otherwise it might be Tanga's customer database that was hacked for anyone to know ALL of the above.