questionshow often do you clean your ears?


I clean mine daily as well.
Everyday after my shower, just part of the routine.


As @funkadelic78: said, daily cleaning is just part of the routine. Is he cleaning the outer ear or digging in with swabs, because that might be excessive, and addictive.

Edit: OMG there is a website:


yeah, i'm talking about the nitty-gritty rigorous swab spelunking.

@pickypickypicky: word of the day is officially "eargasm." thank you.


Everyday. I feel like my morning routine is not complete if I do not clean them.


@pemberducky: I feel your pain!! I have one that does the same, and no, I don't do it nearly as often. Maybe a couple time a week or if after I get out of the shower it feels itchy or something and that just probably has to do with my long hair.

I was always afraid to do it too often, my doctor said you need the ear wax to trap things from going down in to your ear canal, so you don't want them to be "too clean".


I may be about it almost July?


My otorhinolarygology colleagues would say that any ear cleaning is unnecessary. Inserting anything into the canal can lead to problems. What tends to happen most commonly is wax gets pushed into the canal and ends up becoming impacted. This doesn't even consider damage to the ear drum itself if you push in too hard, and trauma and possible infection from the swab.


ok, someone has to ask this....does he have oddly dirty or waxy ears? have you ever asked him about this at all?
maybe his ears itch a lot and he has....i don't know, instead of scalp dryness, ear dryness and needs to see a doctor or a dermatologist for something?

maybe it's not an obsession, maybe he has some sort of thing that needs fixing. Like head and shoulders but for the ears.

are his ears really large? with close cut hair? maybe they get exposed to the wind and dirty a lot? or maybe they're small and so.....?

I don't know....have you ever asked him anything about it? it's been 6 years, surely you can ask him, right? it's for better and for worse.


the real question is... would you rather him NOT clean his ears (ever)...

I also feel its odd that you worded it, "the man I live with" "been married to him for 6 years".. instead of just starting out with "My husband cleans his ears daily... whats up with that?"... =D


@devexityspace: It's like the kid swap thing. They're always the other parents kids when their in trouble --"see what your son did?" and your kids when they do well "I raised such a good boy" You don't put the "my husband" (proud phrase) right next to the obsessive ear cleaner part. You ease into the part where you married the guy.

This is just a third party guessing though. Plus the live with part is much more pertinent to the daily ear cleaning struggle then the state of the relationship. It's that you're there for the daily ear cleaning. Again, guessing.


I ride a MC, so Q-tips daily. Also, once a month I pour a capful of peroxcide in one ear lying on my side and let the bubbles get what the Q-tips missed!


Three Q-Tips every time I take a shower. I take at least two showers a day so that is 6 Q-Tips a day in these puppies. I have done it since I was a teenager.

I have slight OCD and this is probably my biggest peeve.

And yes, I understand the pleasure he derives from it. Its like when you scratch a dog behind their ears.


daily with a neti pot full of rum.

j5 j5

Daily with extra special cleaning using rubbing alcohol about once a month. Just a habit I obtained from having issues with my ears when I was young.


I clean my ears daily after a shower. And I get very squicked out by visible ear wax on others. I also use in-ear-earbuds daily, and don't want to see ear wax on the earbuds. ick.

That said, I have itchy ears myself, as do my kids. They got less itchy & waxy after we had a diet change due to allergies, but I think ours get itchy faster than most people's ears.


@dexterityspace: we have decided to end our marriage but are still living together!
it's so much more complicated than mere terminology.

ETA: i do prefer that he cleans his ears regularly regardless, tho. :D


@anoted: they're perfectly normal ears, far as i can tell. in fact, based on the responses here, i'm starting to wonder if i'm the weirdo!


Cleaning them daily may be bad for you, and actually cause dryness and itching:


@pemberducky: No, you're not the weirdo. Your question just attracted a group of people who get to express sentiments they don't normally. Over-cleaning ears is not that uncommon. Wax, like phlem is there to protect you but people like it equally well. Coning is becoming more mainstream, and people believe in it. And people are wearing earbuds, bluetooths, airplanes, putting and keeping things in their ears in a way they never did before.

If it's awkward to ask because of the current state of your relationship...then don't.

If you just wanted to know ear-cleaning protocol--you should clean behind your ears everyday--they get exposed to the elements or to your hair and whatever is in it. You can probably just do that in the shower though. If the outer parts of your ear get dirty or waxy, wash them, q-tip them carefully if necessary. You generally shouldn't stick a q-tip into your ear and if you feel the need to clean your ear regularly, you should probably see a doctor. No joke.


@anoted well OBVIOUSLY it's not awkward for me to put it out there, else i wouldn't have put it out there, internet compatriot! clarification was requested. answers were given. dances were danced.

i totally hadn't thought about all the unnatural stuff we do with our ears now. that's a really good point.

intrigued by coning. have heard (hee!) good things from recipients, but then it, too, strikes me as unnatural. and there's criticism floating about. food for thought, though.


Told a guy at work about this crazy lady on woot who was dumping her husband of 6 years because he cleaned his ears too often. He ran screaming out of the building for his car and hasn't been seen back in the office for days.

Was it something I said?