questionscan you recommend a daytime facial moisterizer…


I can recommend one, but you are not going to like the price. It is Lancome's Bienfait Multi-Vital Sunscreen Cream, Broad Spectrum SPF 30. I have no idea of the specific price, but expect that it's around $70 or $80 for 1.7 oz (but don't quote me, I could be wrong, objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, slippery when wet).

I see it offered on Amazon by various sellers, but I only purchase from Lancome's site directly, or from the stores that carry Lancome. It also has a scent (sorry to say), which you may find obnoxious. I like it because I can wear it while gardening, to protect my face, instead of using a product that's only a sunscreen, and it doesn't sting my eyes when I sweat (our days can reach around the same temps as yours, in the summer).

I know this is probably not what you wanted, but it's close.


Have you tried any Aveeno? I know they make products with very high SPF's and they always seem very mild to me. I think they are in the Olay price range.


Check out Kiehl's line. They have moisturizers with SPF protection from 15 to 50 at around $50 depending. The Ultra Facial Moisturizer has SPF30 that's $50 for 8.4fl oz, a BB Cream that's $37 for 1.35fl oz, and others.


I have sensitive skin and history of skin cancer , my dermatologist has me use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer for All Skin Types, SPF 50.
It's reasonably priced. You can find it at most drugstores, target, etc..

A friend is an esthetician, and she has high(er) end stuff in her practice. ( She works w/ a plastic surgeon) and she uses Obagi Nu-Derm® Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35 . You can find it at at bit of a discount. More expensive than Cetphil.
I want to try it one of these days, but the other works so I stay with it.
She swears by their products. I guess the dr. does too.


@ceagee: I found that obagi stuff on a super-sale for $22 if you want to try it:
I don;t know if I want to try it or not as I won't be able to consistently get it at this price.

But this site seems to have it for $29.95 as it's regular price:

I do want to look into the Aveeno, I have heard good things about them. My skin is not sensitive, just constantly thirsty. But if I put anything on my face, lotion, makeup, spritzer, that has any kind of fumes, my eyes turn red and swell up and don't want to be open.


EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 is awesome. It's non-comedogenic (fabulous for sensitive and acne-prone skin), it goes on super light, it protects through a combination of both chemical and physical blockers, and a little bit goes a long way. As an added bonus, they don't test on animals! It's the only facial sunscreen I'll use.


@moondrake: Thanks for the links on the Obaji.

The cetaphil is fragrance free. I have problems w/ scents too, this product is where I landed. I know it might be more man made then natural ingredients.
I do like some of the KIss MY Face lotions. Haven't tried anything w/ sunscreen in it though.


I agree with the cetaphil. When my husband was going through radiation therapy on his neck the radiologist recommended cetaphil, and we have used it since (2007). I am allergic to just about everything, but can use this. It has no scent, and while it will not last all day, none of them do if you have dry skin as I do.


I'm a little late to the party here, but I highly recommend Aveeno. I use the Positively Ageless SPF30 and I LOVE it. I typically break out from just about anything and this actually keeps my skin clearer than if I use nothing. I sometimes use the tinted version as a foundation instead of traditional foundation - not a big makeup user, and that has more of a scent, but the regular is fairly scentless. I buy mine at BJs for a significantly lower price, I'm sure you can find it somewhere cheaper than what they sell it for at Aveeno.


I am also a cetphil user. I like the face washes and sunscreen.


Cerave AM lotion, which has 30 spf. Dermatologist recommended the line as being the best over the counter product, and they're very inexpensive - plus, you get 4oz compared to the 1oz you usually get with facial moisturizers.


@raijen: Yes Cerave is another one my derm likes.. I get the free samples from her office. I love free samples.
My niece uses it all the time. I haven't tried the spf lotion though. I'll put it on my list.


I got a few samples of the Elta moisturizer. I really liked the consistency -- it is very, very light. I don't think it is terribly expensive, either.

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