questionswhat do you think of western digital's new red…


So I did a little bit more digging and found that the RPMs are not variable. I ass-umed that listing it as IntelliPower was code for variable when in fact it's just them not trying to scare you by saying 5400rpm (which is the same as the green drives).

I found a good article going through the features and some tests comparing the 3TB to a Seagate Barracuda 3TB:

Performance was pretty comparable despite the slower spinning and lower wattage.


I heard about his in a podcast... the hardware review guys seemed to be nicely impressed with them. Only one major difference from any other (green/black) drive you might use... they don't cause raid falures due to read/write timeout errors in the same way, this is good for the way RAID set up works...


Not sure about these Red drives but I do like the WD RE4 ones. I have a bunch of raid devices and I once used regular consumer grade drives in them. At first this seems like a cheap and valid alternative.

Unfortunately using consumer drives in a raid configuration caused my drives to unexpectedly drop out of the arrays. This caused me to have to rebuild the array (no data loss) and that is an extremely time-consuming process.

I then switched to raid specific WD RE4 drives. The raid devices have never dropped a drive from the array -- ever.

These Red drives may (but I'm not sure) be a consumer/small business version that is between a typical consumer drive and the more expensive RE4 ones. Gives you the minimum requirements for a raid system without the expense.