questionswould you buy a used diamond ring?


Sure, why not? They find it in the dirty ground anyway. :p. just take it to a jeweler to polish it and coat or replace the band if necessary.

If your significant other has a problem with that, well, find a new one. You're doomed. Make her watch blood diamond and tell her the guy died because she doesn't want a used diamond. :p. (yet I'm sure doesn't mind taking your used currency. ;) )


Wearing one now, my wedding ring came from a jeweler who buys from estate sales. I wanted unique, not big, and we searched a long time before I chose this one. I've been wearing it 10 years and never get tired of looking at it :-)


I don't see any problem at all with buying a used diamond ring. Just find a reputable pawn shop (it's pretty easy to tell the reputable ones from the others) and make sure to get it appraised.


The diamond in my engagement ring came from a jeweler we knew personally and it had belonged to his wife. She wanted another stone, and we were unable to replicate the quality and size for that price. My husband designed a new setting for it with small stones from his Mom's ring - voila a gorgeous ring. Even the gold in the band came from my mom and dad's wedding rings.


Every single diamond ring (and many of my other pieces of jewelry) were used. The "newest" ring I have was made around the 1940s or so. I have a platinum ring that is from around 1890 (it was a gift from my mother when I was 12 or 13). I love old jewelry. Even if you don't want to keep the same setting, there are a finite number of truly beautiful diamonds, so you can always buy a ring with good gems and then have it reset.

As long as it's an attractive ring, and it's unlikely that you'll run into the previous owner/wearer, and it's a good value, you should buy it.

Remember, a high-quality small diamond is much better than a large but flawed one.


Depends on what it was used for. Honestly, though, I would be concerned about some bad karma sticking to one (specifically on engagement rings) if I weren't sure of the pedigree.

Blood diamonds, on the other hand, are a no-brainer. We have to support the third-world economies, after all.


I wouldn't buy one...but if like my Grandma gave me an heirloom I'd give it to my girlfriend.


The diamond/jewelry industry have convinced the public (with their diamonds are forever campaign) that "used" diamonds are bad. Actually, it's the opposite. Our jeweler told us that diamonds and settings older than 60 years are actually worth MORE than a new diamond & ring.


@gregorylikescheapstu: So your advice is to dump a finance (or potential) because she would rather have a NEW diamond ring as opposed to a used one?

If that's the case MY advice would be for HER to do the dumping.

If 'he' won't agree to what will make her happy and is something she will wear 24/7 and that is supposed to last for the rest of her life, and at such a pivotal point in their relationship when he is supposedly trying to impress her that he is worth marrying, I think she is looking at a pretty miserable life ahead.

(Apologies for the complicated run-on sentence.)