questionswhy is there no poll under shirt.woot?


I've wondered that too. Now the big question is why are there polls under woot, home, sport, kids, wine, and sellout? It's not required to make a purchase.


Shirt.woot don't need no stinkin' polls! We have arguments and pontification enough as it is. Plenty of healthy(-ish) drama all over the shirt forums means no poll-induced heat is necessary, I say! Though we do get the thoughtful Slydon starting pointed discussion threads lately. Those are pretty great!


Yeah, I try to ask a thoughtful question twice a week, and if you like polls, I'd love to have you join in. We need more opinions! Especially when they agree with mine!


i just like to click buttons, man. I like my life simple. Pulling out my keyboard to talk out my feelings is bad enough when I have to do it for work. I came to woot for a chilli out period in my life.