questionswhat do you think about the new google nexus…


The 32GB 10" might be my new tablet once it comes down in price by about $100. I'm happy with my HP Touchpad until then.


@bsmith1: But it has a 2560-by-1600 display. The highest pixel density in the industry (in fact, it's print quality at 300PPI)
That should be worth $100, eh? :)

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@j5: Tru dat. It looks pretty sweet. I got my 32 GB Touchpad at fire sale prices, so it's hard to justify it. $399 would be about right, though. Maybe I'll just get the 16GB model instead... Or maybe I can sell my Touchpad for some of the difference... For now, I'm content to wait a while and feel out reviews and such.


No 4G? Bummer.

I still like the devices quite a bit.


Personally, I am still hung up on the lack of SD slots (and their official justification* for that sucks), and the lack of a user-replaceable battery.

Given that Nexus devices seem to be aimed at more aware folks, I think the dumbing-down doesn't fit.

Still, it's a lot of machine for the money.

* (Includes sections of a Google+ Q&A by one of the Nexus guys. The Google+ thread itself is cluttered with too much other stuff.)


@jha1223: The N4 has HSPA 42+, which is pretty damn good. Not technically 4G, but it does function at a comparable speed.

EDIT: While some specs claim only 21+, the official spec sheet says otherwise:


As an avid Apple fan, the new Nexuses (especially the 7 and 10 in terms of what it offers for the price) are hands down worth every little pretty penny.

I'm just a little mind-boggled how they could manage to fit a camera into the larger tablet and not on the smaller one. I think having a back camera for the smaller tablet would still be "appropriate" rather than taking a picture with a large one.


They look nice, but I'll hold out for reviews. I don't need one, but might like to have one.


I'm disappointed there aren't multiple Nexus phones, because I just can't buy an LG product - I've only had bad experiences with them.

What bothers me is that cellphones are starting to get higher resolution than the average laptop... I want my laptop screen to be amazing without having to throw money at Apple.


lack of LTE is disappointing. i can see their logic, but still. otherwise it's a pretty solid line up