questionswhat's your cigar of choice?


Bubblegum. It keeps people from wrinkling their noses when I'm around.


My cigar of choice is the Casa Magna Colorado Robusto, but I usually like to try samplers just to switch things up. I probably only smoke once a month (more during golf season), but when I find a cigar I like I'll usually pick up a couple more to throw in my humidor. Right now I have some Padrons in there (Delicias is my favorite Padron), the Casa Magnas, the Olivias you mentioned, some Baccarat Luchadores (a good, cheap, mild smoke), and an assortment of CAOs that I have yet to try.

I tend to favor more mild cigars, and usually smaller gauges, but I think that's mostly because I don't smoke that often. I also always drink scotch when I smoke, so striking a balance between smoke and whiskey probably has something to do with it as well.


I came to say bubblegum but now, what's the point?


I know it's mainly just a marketing ploy, but I do love the Maker's Mark cigars. I'm by no means an expert, so things like wrapper and binder are lost on me. I like a medium size, length, and flavor. Nothing really potent, nothing really mild.

The only thing I require to fully enjoy it is a glass of warm Grand Marnier. Mmm...nice.


I can't pull up the site at work, but pretty much every flavor they make I love. I always get some when I'm back home.

I started cigars with Arturo Feuntes and Cuesta Rays. Arturo Fuentes are still decent. I was never really a fan of the Cuesta's.

There are so many delicious ones to choose from: CAO, Cohiba (Unfortunately never tried a Yellow Dot), I'm even a fan of some of the ACID cigars by Drew Estates.


Not all of us work for a mega online corporation can afford to toss money towards a box of Opus X, let me know if you need another lackey! Anyhow, I am by no means an expert, but I believe the same filler and cameroon wrapper as the Opus X is found in the Fuente Hemingway series ( I favor the Short Story for nice and quick smokes). On the cheap side is the stronger Curly Top Deluxe. Hard to beat the medium Cohiba (red dot).


@jgribb1: I forgot about Curly Heads. The naturals are a great smoke on the cheap - perfect for golf.


I like a lighter cigar, so Cubans are not my fave (though I save them for friends who like them). My favorite smoke was one with a blue ring and a gold ship's wheel. Wish I could remember the name, but I think it was from Costa Rica. Was just right for me!

Does anyone know how I can figure out which cigar this was so that I can hunt more down?


Padron by far. Cheap (considering the others) and a consistent burn across sizes. I am a particular fan of the 4000 and 6000 maduro. You also can't go wrong with their anniversary series line...


@bund9032: I can't remember what it was other than a box pressed Anniversario, but it was probably the best smoke of my life. Truly a game changer.


@murph929: Thanks for the link! Unfortunately, mine was not there.


Partagas Serie D No. 4
Rocky Patel Decade (particularly their box press)
Hemingway Short Stories

All three are fantastic.


oh geeze, where do I begin, because I enjoy more of them than I should....

Gurkhas. the bigger, the better. Black Dragon IMperials ( 8.5x56 if I recall) Fuerte X's (Torpedo 7.5x56, or churchill 7x54s)

Cohiba Red Dots (not the cuban ones, and in any size I can find)

Nearly anything with the word Arturo Fuente in the name... predominantly the natural wrappers, over the Maduro. I picked a box of God of Fires off Cigarbid for $160... best price I've ever seen them for, and shocked I scored them for that. Also enjoy Hemingways, but not really willing to drop that much cash on something I'm going to light on fire that often.

That's the basics of what comes to mind... I buy into Sampler packs when I think I might want to try something, and grab cheap sticks off of Cigarbid for around the yard smokes, or car maintenance.


not picky, I will smoke whatever cigar someone gives me :)


I recently had a Pinar Del Rio Maduro and i actually enjoyed very much. Didn't know i liked dark cigars so much.

And speaking of good deals i stumbled on this website yesterday with some really crazy deals, i purchased 2 packages. The website is


THE PUNISHER ... wonderful flavor. Incredibly complex, though prepare to burn your lips with pepper

Ave Maria

Man O' War

Those are some good ones.