questionscan you justify the cost of a vitamix blender?


I cannot. That is why I bought a Ninja, and I love it.


I have a 20 year old Vitamix that is still going strong. Vitamix is the Superman of mixers: definitely faster than a speeding Bullet and more powerful than a .. Cuisinart. Mine has never leaped a tall building (or a short one), but it has crushed a tray full of ice cubes in a couple of seconds, made soup, and did a reasonably good job of turning a half bag of rice into rice powder (with a few lumps here and there.) It will do what the advertisement says, and will sound like a chain saw has taken up residence in your kitchen.

Whether it is worth the price depends on what you need to do with it. If you just need a blender for a protein shake in the morning, then you definitely don't need this.


If I could afford one, I'd get one. And from what I know, that's a great deal.

I know quite a few people who own them, and they all love them. They're incredibly sturdy, and I'd expect them to live for well over 20 years.

That said, I'm currently getting by with a grain mill, immersion blender, regular blender, and food processor. All of which together cost less than 1 Vitamix. But I'd have more counter space if I got the Vitamix!


Check garage sales. You can find them new in the box or slightly used for $30-$50. They're like exercise bikes; people get them with the intention of using them and getting healthy, then they just don't use them. Also, never buy an exersise bike new, they're in every other garage sale! :)


If I had the money I definitely would get one. The things it an do is amazing, like boil water just from the friction from the blades. I know someone who got one and they love it. They bought theirs from a coworker who bought them in bulk so they were like under $200 a piece. It would definitely be worth it to get enough people to go in on it like that.


One of my old college buddies sells these in grocery stores. Knowing him, and knowing how cheap and souless he is, I doubt they're worth anything near their retail price. I've got a hand-me down old Osterizer from the 80s that works like a champ. No sale.