questionshere we go: why was my kohl's deal deleted?


I thought I saw one earlier for Kohls, and I just posted one recently because I didn't see it (and I searched). I even thought it was from you but wasn't sure. If I recall, there was a free shipping code (or something like that) that somebody commented that wasn't valid until tomorrow, however if that was true, I would have rather seen the non valid part removed rather than the whole deal killed.


@lichme: I checked the email from Kohl's, and the shipping code was posted as valid today.

And I agree, if that was the reason, that part could have easily been modded out.


@jumbowoot: Kohl's 20% coupon code JUNEFRIENDS, stackable with free shipping over $50 code FS4FIFTY, both listed as active today. I linked to the main site.

As @lichme said, someone commented that the free shipping didn't appear to be active until tomorrow, but the email I had indicated otherwise. Thanks for checking it out.


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Sort of off topic.. but I wonder if you posted a link to the deal in a question about why a deal was deleted... would the question alo be deleted?


One of my deals was pulled a couple days ago and I had no idea why (was a coupon code for a free photo print at riteaid). It would be helpful if there was a way for the mod to auto-email/message the poster if they were removing a deal so they could say exactly WHY the deal is being removed to avoid confusion and future rule-breaking.


I remember seeing it. I didn't click on it because I like to shop Kohl's B&M store better than their website. I get that same coupon in the mail from them and they take it on everything, so I can go to the clearance rack and get stuff marked down 80% and get them to take 20% off the marked down price, resulting in 84% (if my math is right) savings over Kohl's original price, plus Kohl's cash if I spend enough. If you do any outdoor entertaining or decorate for any holidays, their post-season sales are a steal. There's a huge cantilevered umbrella at the local store I have been salivating over, if they ever send me a 30% off coupon I will probably pull the trigger on it.


@okham I looked over the coupon codes, the 20% off code worked fine for me, however the free shipping over $50 orders did not work. Could you possibly sent us the email that you received and we will look into the matter. Thanks :-)



I even voted for your deal, I remember it!


@wootmango22: Email sent. I tried the free shipping code, and it doesn't work for me either. :/ I guess I shouldn't believe everything I get in my email...

Thanks to you and @jumbowoot for the followup. Was there a reason it couldn't have been modded to delete the free shipping part?


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