questions5$ for all day shipping: will it last until the…


My answer of which I am 100% confident is we will find out.


buying only 5 things in a woot off?


My guess is probably.

If you look at the Woot FAQ: there is an entry for it. If it was going to disappear shortly, I see no reason why they would have an entry for it, especially since that FAQ does not get updated that much.


I know I'd buy more lower-priced items if I didn't have to pay $5 shipping for each one. Especially, as it gets closer to Christmas shopping.


If Woot combines the orders into one package, they may end up ahead of the game. Generally, you are going to get a cheaper price that way. If you buy more as a result...


I want free 2 day shipping... Woot, you're owned by Amazon, gimmie woot prime!