questionswhat are you doing tonight?


As per usual. I will do my best to be there, but probably wont be able to make it.


I must be blind because i don't see the easy link

I should be there tonight. Might be a little late but i'll be there chattin it up.


Cleaning house and trying to finally play Armored Kill on BF3.

I'll try to make an appearance. No promises


Oh I dunno, I thought I'd read a book since I have four of them checked out from the library.


Going to the gym. Riding the treadmill at 4 mph on random. I leave for my hiking trip in a week.

Have fun in chat!


I'm playing kickball under the lights tonight! But I'll try 'n stop by for a few before heading out to da field.


Going to the gym to pulverize my upper body into oblivion, then hitting up chat with yous guys during the late times(being 2 hours ahead of woot time has it's advantages sometimes :) ).


@dmaz: wait are you back in the states already? D: Curd I need to mail out your small prize soon. Sorry i been dragging my feet so much, moving and such was a pain.


@cowboydann: Obviously, what you need to do is get on a plane and bring @dmaz his prize in person. :)


The same thing I do every night, fellow wooter—try to take over the world!