questionshave you read the motley fool article on the usps?


It loses money because it is not allowed to operate the way private companies do. Try to turn a profit or break even with uncle sam sticking his nose into every aspect of your business and undermining every effort to break even.

What I don't get is the idiotically small increases in postage rates every few years... a penny here, 2 cents there. Just raise the damn price of a stamp to an even 50cents until such time that the next increase is needed. Bank any excess until such time it is needed.


@kamikazeken: Actually the REASON it is losing money is that the Republicans forced the USPS to fully pre-fund their retirement plan for 75 yrs into the future within the next 10 yrs...No other industry has such requirements! It cannot compete under such conditions.....This is just another power grab...attempting to force the USPS to be privatized! Attempting to kill EVERYTHING that is good about this country in this constant attempt to privatize everything!

Our USPS is the envy of the world but not for long under these conditions!


Full disclosure: I'm a big fan of the USPS and the services they provide. Whenever I receive a package from them it seems as if it's been handled with care and if not with care then without malice. I cannot say the same about UPS when my packages almost invariably come complete with boot prints on them. If congress would quit meddling and trying to privatize everything they'd be fine.


@webgenie: thank you for posting - I still can't believe this requirement has not been overturned. take this requirement away & they will turn a profit.


@philosopherott: Yeah but you'd never have gotten one of those from UPS, they would have just sworn up and down that they delivered it to you and you signed for it even if you'd never even seen a truck on your block in six months.


@webgenie: Oh noes! You mean they actually have to put money INTO the retirement fund rather than stealing FROM it? The horrors!!!


@sassymango: Yeah...and then beg for a handout when they can't (won't) pay retirement benefits. How quickly we unlearn the lesson of United Airlines...