questionswhich is worse when trying for a boc: not getting…


The latter. I'd rather miss it altogether than this crap. Put intended.


Good. I'm not the only one. Well...bad. Sorry to hear you're having problems too. Just glad I don't have to call the bank to ask why I can't cover an $8 charge.


aaaaaaaaand they're gone. Congrats to those who made it through the gauntlet.


Denial. Its far more of a tease. Instead of "shucks, I missed it!" its "WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME, WOOT GODS!! YOU TOLD ME I HAD IT AND YOU LIED TO ME"

We're a very melodramatic bunch.


When it loads again two minutes later, already sold out.


Can someone give me a hug? I was going for the first BoC I've ever seen that still had a bar on it, got through everything and then was denied....... Three times. :'-(


I had same thing over & over again too. Just got a confirmation the order was placed, after the BOC was shown 2x being sold out. So if you have the screen still in a holding pattern, keep your fingers crossed. Been over a year since I have had any luck.


@captainsuperdawg: I'll have my wife send you one. Probably enjoy it more than from me.

Got the denial 12 times, and an error another half dozen. Glad for woot that they get that much traffic, but it's still annoying.


tried three times with a bar got denied all three times :(
i think we all could use group hug therapy. never even seen a bag of crap, only pics.


Getting all the way to the it's just a few moments and then to get denied 10 or more minutes later


Yep, the latter. Mine seemed to go through & I got the ORDER STATUS page & I kept reloading it. Meanwhile, another BOC comes up, while I'm still waiting on the last one & I didn't dare hit BUY ONE, thinking the other order is just taking a while to go through. When the second one was sold out, THEN the order page reloads & tells me it's a no go.


@kophia: Same here. I got several messages that my order was NOT in, but I kept trying and finally secured one. The anticipation begins...


was denied at the order status page.......... Punished again by the woot gods :-(


I was amazed how quickly I got through. But alas no bag of crap is on it's way to my place.


There was an earlier post when the bags were offered this AM from (sorry I do not remember who) someone who got as far as the inserting of the credit card code number and missed it. That happened to me a few years ago - entered everything but needed that darned four digit code. Now I have written it on a paper on the desk, but I do not get that far any longer. Truth is I don't really try. I totally missed both offerings today by being offline. It doesn't bother me - you get used to being a loser :( Well, somebody HAS TO BE.


@okham: I'll take it, as I missed the third one completely. Oh well, the fun is in the hunt, not the capture.


I think that was the third one (like around 5PM PST) today for me, kept saying denied... but I spotted the 9PM one just a few minutes ago (i mean a long time ago) and completed the order in like five seconds without reading anything... it was like click -> type password -> click -> click. but went straight to my account info after I hit the manual refresh I thought it was a bug and I was out of luck once again.

Ten minutes later, a confirmation e-mail. I'm so excited for whatever I just got. I just hope they'll be kind to my bag. :D


denied with a follow up to confirm you are denied. Celecrating for nothing.


Not to dismiss the let-down/tease affect of the BOC this time around. One positive side effect cannot be denied, namely that the rest of the woot empire was unaffected and fully functional during the BOC. That is certainly a sign that woot has put some thought into their server usage...