questionsare the writers all on vacation? (moderators now…


Don't make me come over there.

We're trying new things! Experimentation! Glad you noticed. I'll just stop writing them and pout now. jerk.


"We're trying new things! Experimentation!"

oh those kinky woot staffers.


@gatzby: haha I only picked on you 'cause i thought you could take it <3

In all seriousness, I actually read all of them this time because they were written by faces I see more often (sorry buyers)


We got jealous of you all picking on the grammar and spelling of the writers and wanted some of that action.

ps. Don't pick on gatzby, he'll just assign the rest of us more work! ;)


Just please don't assign sports to me. I know nothing about sports, outdoors, or fitness. Just ask my mirror.

PS: we're taking over the buyer quotes, not the writers stuff.


@gatzby: Pouting becomes you. Name-calling - not so much.

Humor is as humor does. Oh, wait!! Sorry. Wrong thread for that one. :-/


@thunderthighs: Ah shucks, I fixed that in the body but forgot to fix that in the title. The buyers thingy that is


We're still writing the blurbs and writeups as always, Dann, the Mods are just getting their name on the side blurbs with the conversation starters on the side. I bet @gatzby gets visited by three ghosts for not making it clear, but it's great that you like what they're doing and I hope you keep having fun!


It still makes the community team cooler.


I see no need at all for the whimsical crap. When I need info on a product I have to go to the web.


@dwhitstone1: Party pooper.

Info is still on the sale detail page and on the Internet.