questionshas anyone used


I've never heard of that site, but your question looked lonely so I figured I'd give you an answer.

The only non-mainstream site I've heard of that does decent deals is, but they are charging $45 for a Deus Ex pre-order which is the same as steam, and isn't much of a deal compared to $30.

Sorry I couldn't help more! I don't play many PC games.

Edit: It looks like D2D does price matching with authorized retailers, so maybe if you aren't comfortable with GMG you can price match it?


@tiamat114: Yeah, might try that. Didn't know they price matched -- thanks for the tip!


I just used it for the woot deal I found.

Anyway I purchased yesterday around 4pm pacific time and just got my key this morning at 9:06 pacific time. It activated fine on Steam and I'm downloading Deus Ex right now. They've been around since May 2010 and are based in the UK.