questionsgot any birthing myths to influence the gender of…


Have the father give his boy sperms a good pep-talk beforehand.

This is absurd.


Yeah, grab some Alphabet Soup, remove all the letters but X or Y. If the male eats only the Y’s, he will only deliver Y-chromosomes, if he eats the X’s, he will only deliver the X chromosomes.
X = Girl
Y = Boy
It may not work the first time, but keep trying until you get the results you want.


It won't influence gender but anal does guarantee a future attorney.


If you're reptilian, the ambient temperature of the fertilized eggs determines the gender.


I've heard that the PH balance of the woman's body determines the gender of the baby. Men deliver approx. 50/50 on the boy/girl chromosome sperm, the male sperm swim faster but also die faster in a more acidic PH, the female sperm are slower but can live longer. So if you want a boy the woman should eat a more alkaline diet, for a girl she should focus on an acidic diet.

Here is one article but if you do a search you'll find a lot more:


Since the male (Y) sperm are faster swimmers but die more quickly, the closer before ovulation you are, you slightly increase your chances for a boy. Female (X) sperm swim more slowly but last longer, so the farther you are before ovulation, the more your chances for a girl.

By the time you have gotten a positive ovulation test, you are one day past the increased chances for a girl. You have to nail down your pattern over time in order to shoot for a girl (pun intended).


If you are trying to conceive a boy & fly for the military, stay out of any aircraft that has a lot of radio tracking equipment. Mighty big coincidence, but for the two & half years we were attached to a VS squadron, every one of the wives of the men who flew all became pregnant with girls (including me). The guys swore it was the equipment aboard that did something to their sperm.