questionsi just got my first gun, can you recommend a…


Plenty of kits out there. Shouldn't be to hard to find something. Might start by looking at Cabela's, Bass Pro, Academy, etc.

Keep to that range commitment. Never know when you'll need it!

I just looked and see that there are some kits on deals.woot so good shopping!


@mtm2: Do you have any preference of manufacturer, size of kit, or anything?


Always used Hoppe's stuff and was never disappointed by it.


I just spent the afternoon looking at guns. I'm tending toward a Springfield XD .40, meself. I'll be needing a kit, too, so will be following this thread...and someplace to shoot said firearm. :)


@jsoko: Nope. Just make sure it's got what you need. For instance, my son bought one that was for handguns and didn't work on his .22 rifle (not a problem for you, but I have seen "specialized" kits for .22, etc.). I echo the Hoppe's comment from @lotsofgoats.

Just read this and I AM NOT recommending a "specialized" kit, just that you be aware of what you picked up.


Hoppe's Boresnake:

I'll see if I can find a better price, but that's what most people swear by.

They work great - they have copper brushes spiraled down a length of snake - and the cloth part is like using a ton of patches all at once.. With that said I still like to get down the barrel with patches sometimes :)
My editing time is about to run out, but you need Hoppe's lube and solvent too.. I'll find a link in another post in a sec.


Sportsmans Guide has free shipping right now.. OK prices

Cope's Distributing as well:

When you're buying something that cheap free shipping is always nice :)


You said you go to the range too right? Check this out.. $20 for a $40 gift card for AR500 steel targets and body armor.

Those things make awesome targets.. I like steel because A) You can hear when you hit B) They last forever.. you can also spray paint them and they'll show hits really well.


It's been said above, but Hoppes.


as mentioned previously Hoppes is your best ally in the fight against fouling and the like!


I clean my gun at least twice a day. Lotion helps.

To be specific, I use Eucerin.


Congratulations on a very good choice in firearm. So many first time buyers look for a "great deal" which they equate to mean "the least amount of money". They end up with junk. You have chosen an excellent weapon with a Sig. Most kits are for multiple weapons and will have stuff you will never use unless you plan to buy others including rifles and shotguns. Here is a nice (pistol) caliber specific kit. While you are at it you may want to pick up some extra swabs, cleaning oil, and maybe some solvent. Hoppes is a good brand. If you live in a state that allows concealed carry, take the course and get your permit. Not only will it help you legally carry in your state but all others that reciprocate. Also, the class will teach you what legal 'elements' must be in place before you can use deadly force. Lastly, JOIN THE NRA if you hope to keep your weapon.


A +1 for the Boresnake, with Hoppes for the cleaning solution. I like to then hit anything that I shoot frequently with Hornady One Shot for lubrication before reassembling, and everything else with Remington Oil. Depending on the model of pistol, you wont need to break it down all the way, however if it is a P250, be sure to pull the frame completely out of the grip module and scrub it occasionally. It will build up quickly in there, especially if you shoot dirtier ammo.

If you have a question, the store you bought it from (or a knowledgeable friend) can usually help you out, but take anything a "gun person" says with a grain of salt, some tend to exaggerate and/or spew BS constantly. If something sounds odd, seek a second opinion; if something sounds dangerous, never ask that person for advice again. About anything. Ever.


Just to chime in: Hoppe's but i use Gunslick products, too.


I use Hoppes - and there is always a sale on the various kits somewhere since they are popular. I have individual kits for different calibers, and a boresnake for the 12 guage. Otter's is also a good brand, and I also recommend BreakFree CLP (Cleaner,Lubricant,Protectant) available @ most gun shops and online (Amazon, etc.). It is available in several forms and many active-duty soldiers carry it in their daily maint. kits.


I use Hoppes on all my guns. I don't buy a gun specific kit as I have 4 handguns, 2 rifles, and a shotgun. Any sports and outdoors or gun shop will have what you need, and be able to point you in the right direction.
Since this is your first gun, remember to clean and lubicate it after every use, as you seem to only plan a range visit monthly. Take a class if you aren't used to handling guns or if you plan to carry whether you plan on a CHL or not. You need to know the laws and responsibilities of gun use. I reccommend a CHL if you are going to carry, but know several people who refuse the license, my husband included.


I'm also on the Hoppes bandwagon. Excellent products at fair prices.


rofl, guys, get a sense of humor. It's called a joke. I thought this was deals.woot, not srsbsns.woot


i second the bore snake followed by patches. The more you use that boresnake, the dirtier it becomes. I also recommend a brass tool for getting led/carbon deposits off of various metallic surfaces.

Not being silly, but remember to clean the barrel the way the bullets fire out of it. Point it down when running the snake through there, have seen people get carbon/lead in their face before. Don't over lubricate, a drop or two should do.

My number one rule some people disagree with, when wepaon cleaning, empty the weapon, and remove all ammuntion from the area you are cleaning in. You can never accidently load it that way. I have taught weapons cleaning to hundreds of people, you would be surprised what people do (not thinking).


Thanks all. You all are GREAT!!!


@curtisuxor: I +1ed you. I like a good joke

Also, Hoppes.

but not in beer, I don't like hoppy beer.

j5 j5

I also use OTIS cleaning kits and Hoppes. I bore snake right after i am done at the range in the booth actually but it is not a replacement for a brush and patches.

@jsoko Not the best deal I have seen but pretty good

Gun shows have the best deals IMHO but I still have a rod Just in case


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