questionswould you prefer an "all edges" brownie pan, or…


I vote center all the way but my fiance likes the edges so it all works out lol

@shrdlu & @catbertthegreat Thanks for the recipes! I love getting new ones! I just thought of making a recipe post >.>

@shrdlu thanks for the amazon post I was actually wanting to buy one of these from think geek but now I need to compare to see price differences though I'm lazy and it's late so I'll do it tomorrow.

Sorry posting on a half dead post but I couldn't resit the temptation of the brownies! =D


I would say someone who doesn't prefer the soft moist center of a brownie over all other parts is a communist.


@nemmyx: funny, all sorts of people are being declared communists these days.


middles! edges are just so crusty and dry, fortunately it is easy to find others to eat the inferior edge portion...