questions@snapster is stepping down?


As the woot properties are clearly no longer "the most reluctant retailer possible—pitching as few items as we could with the least amount of hype for the least amount of time" with the redesign and woot+, I can see that this is a good time to part ways, whether you agree with the changes or not. Good luck, snapster.

The next biz: in partnership with Goodwill, All mystery boxes All the time!


@magic cave: Hey, no worries. Life goes on, you know. Saw your comment on "thanks for the fish" but preferred to respond over here. This was not unexpected (his leaving), once he'd sold the rest of Woot to Amazon (they'd owned a percentage for I don't know how long, but quite a while). You should expect that there was a contract that said he had to stay for a certain amount of time, and I'm sure there's a stiff non-compete in it as well.

I'll miss sparring with him, although the sparring I enjoyed most was on G+, from which I've been gone for quite some time.

Off to finish putting up strawberry jam (which is oh, so tasty, on a cold winter day).


I just got here and found the news. What's the deal that everyone's been referring to?

:::wandering off to feel bad::::


@agingdragqueen: Wow. That'll certainly be part of @snapster's legacy.


@jimmyd103: Interesting:

"While the explosion of daily deals sites certainly helped Woot to find a buyer in Amazon, Rutledge says looking back he might have liked to stay independent and compete in that fast-growing market."


Checked calendar, not April 1st...
You could see it, as he puts it, joining us!



:Shakes fists at sky:


Thanks for woot @snapter Sorry to see you going. Everything about my woot that I knew and liked is nearly gone as of this day...

Who is to fill his shoes as the new Woot Overlord? Who will taunt us with creepy pictures of the mannequin head Mandy? Who will we complain to about having stayed up all night for this crap? SIGH He'll be missed in my book, that's for sure.


Hmmm... Well, I guess this explains his recent absense...

@snapster: Ah well, thanks for all your work in creating and building woot. Best of luck to you sir in all your future endeavors.


Well that sucks. I'll be totally blunt here. He probably saw the unfortunate direction that this site is headed, and stepped down while it still had it's dignity somewhat. That way, when it unfortunately does poorly, he can say it was because he wasn't there.

Downvote me if you must, but this is an unfortunate truth.
I'm certainly sad to see him go...


Thanks for putting this here -- I missed @snapster 's original post! :/


I just hope the parting is on happy terms and he isn't being forced out. Thanks for all the hard work all these years, Snapster!

Also hoping the new Woot! CEO is promoted internally and really understands the culture of the site. Fingers crossed!


Well, he did post that he was. I am sad and sorry and discouraged. BTW, why should this be a question when the post is where we should all be looking; i.e. fresh deals? I voted for it though.


Everything changes. Everything.

@snapster, the site is still too wide. :-}

Thanks for all the entertainment.

We'll keep the porch light on, just in case you need to find your way back home.

Oh, and even though I already posted the link on the deal, I can't resist.


@snapster, this is just the conclusion to the April Fool's joke, right? Right? :(


I come back to this after manic nursery decorating/setup. Must remind myself that I am above the hormones and will not cry. Ahem. I truly hope that Woot continues to be the quirky, lovable place I enjoy so much even in his absence.