questionsdoes anyone know how to deal with ikor designs…


What was it that went wrong? Did the item break? Was it different from what you ordered? If you just changed your mind about it (for whatever reason), then it's customary that the merchant will not pay return postage.

It's time to do a charge-back on your credit card or debit card. (I assume you used one of those for the purchase?) You're generally required to submit any charge-back request within 60 days of the purchase, so it's best not to wait any longer.


It wasn't that the product was broken or that I just didn't want it anymore. It never even arrived. I kept checking the order and the company said shipping issues and that it was reshipped to the warehouse. I was tired of waiting so I just asked for a refund, but I didn't know about the charge-back. Do I just request the charge-back through my credit card? Is it impossible to get the shipping back too? I didn't receive the products so I don't see why I should be charged at all


That is one of the many reasons that I use Paypal when I buy from an unfamiliar site. But if you call the credit card company and explain that you never received the item, they will do the charge back for you. Mine have and they usually credit your account right away (I love plastic).


oh ok, thanks! hopefully that will work, I've been trying to contact ikor for weeks and even during their open hours, they don't answer their phones so friendly warning, I would never buy from them again


You should be able like mentioned above or talk to your bank if needed about this to get your money back. I had to do this once with wells fargo and they were helpful.


i ordered something from and, no kidding, it took from Nov 26th to Feb 8th to get to me from China to the US. Before I received it I was offered a "coupon" equal to the item cost but no refund. so, good luck...

BTW, that seller just posted another deal on deals.woot. you could try posting in that thread to reach them?


ikordesigns appears to be the same outfit as gearxs.
they have the same address, and the same miserable reviews on resellerratings and the better business bureau.
after 19 reviews on resellerratings, they are currently rated ZERO.

I had a similar issue to yours with GearXS, who have the exact same address as ikor

IKOR Design and GearXS
Phone:(800) 438-0681
Fax:(847) 410-0474

Address:6204 Madison Ct. Morton Grove, IL 60053-3218
Original Business Start Date:August 2001
Principal:Mr. Oleg Kipnis , President
Customer Contact:Mr. Oleg Kipnis , President - (847) 677-7341
6224 Madison Ct. Morton Grove, Illinois 60053

I only got a resolution when I started posting comments on EVERY GEARXS POSTING here on deals.woot.

I suggest you do the same... post a negative review about your experience with ikor on every item they sell here on deals.woot... here are all their recent deals.


once you start to hurt their business, these guys finally either refund you or ship the item.

You could also contact the Illinois State's Attorney's office as I did and file a criminal fraud complaint against these people, they belong in prison, preferably as someone's "wife".

they never replied to the multiple messages I sent them, all I wanted was an email reply. They finally called me at my home number, which quite honestly is the last thing I wanted them to do, since there is at least one report of the owner of the company making death threats against a customer over the phone.

read the comments on an earlier ikor deal here:


Based on the original comment, I would do the following...First make sure the item is not on backorder. Second, I would email them again and ask to speak with someone on the phone. Many times, it is a simple misunderstanding.


@kamikazeken: If you look at the Reseller Rating page, then you will notice a trend. First review on Nov-14-2002. So 11 bad reviews in 8 years. We have over 300 sales a day. 300 * 356 = 106,800 sales a year on average. That is a 99.99% happiness level. Also the ratings jump from 2005 to 2009. We must be doing something right.

@xnninja: Please contact me, and i will be sure to make sure that you are happy on your order.


@xnninja: Please contact me directly at Please include your order number and I will look personally into this matter.


@kamikazeken: Mostly people who are unsatisfied will post on Reseller Rating. Our page only has about 1 every year on average, which is not bad.

If you have any issues then please contact me directly:


funny that ikor & gearxs claim to not be the same people, but the person who posts for gearxs here on deals.woot is also named "mike"


@kamikazeken: As a Mike myself, I'd like to say that throughout my education, career, and life, there has always been another Mike in the room. In fact, I pretty much grew up being known by my last name, since that way you don't have two or three people responding. Just sayin'.

I'm not affiliated with these guys in any way, btw.



An interesting claim, 11 complaints in 8 years.. when you pitch it like that, your batting average seems pretty good. However, if you look at threads on here about your products, it seems there are about 11 unsatisfied customers per thread, if not more.

I have no bad personal experience with any of your companies, but you have to understand when there are many personal accounts of customers reporting an unsatisfying experience, it makes the consumer wary. Savings are not truly savings if you never get the product you pay for.