questionswho's ready for a woot gear themed woot! plus…


I am always in for more woot! monkeys and now they actually have woot! tags on them.


@theoneill555: It's a shame, a statement like this would have given me chills last year. Now.....meh.


@coondogg97 nailed it.
Woot isn't cool anymore.
May as well lobby for Target gear.

j5 j5

@coondogg97: I know what you mean. My wooting time has decreased drastically, but I always hang out for the end of a woot-off looking for monkeys (my boys tell me that I have a problem).


@theoneill555: If woot! is you're only issue you aren't doing too bad!

Don't get me wrong, I still like the deals.woot! community and I do enjoy it here. The mods do a great job at keeping it "interesting", even if the rules are erratic from time to time. I think @j5 nailed it (actually), woot! proper just isn't cool anymore. This "forum" is the only thing keeping the Fonz from jumping over those big ferocious fish.


It's been done. Some stuff sold out really fast, but it's not the draw it once was. The "!" skillet is $10 more than the same skillet without the "!" logo. The monkeys are not of the same quality as before. The shirts blanks are disliked by many. The koozie and coffee mug prints come out fuzzy and inconsistent.

So, while I love my monkeys, my koozies, my numbered headband set, and several other wooty items; I don't think a woot merch side sale is something many are screaming for right now. Which is unfortunate.

(I still have love for you, woot!, we're just going through a rough patch.)


I don't care that I'm not even around here that much anymore. Woot still holds a special place in my heart and when I saw this question on twitter I assumed it was a mod asking it and went to to check all the woot plus deals.

Oh well. I probably would have dropped a good $50 today.

Edit: Strongly seconding TC with the rough patch statement.