questionsdo donut shops no longer have the donut shop…


They may have put air filters on the Chimney to reduce air pollution where you live, They could be importing the donuts as well, The worst case scenario is that your sense of smell could have been failing in which case you should contact a health professional.


They may have stopped frying the donuts in hydrogenated oils that contain trans-fats. That has a wonderful smell and may be what you're missing.


@omnichad: Lots of places use soybean oil and soybean flour in the donuts and I am allergic/sensitive to soybean products. I love donuts but I can't eat them anymore.


@mybestuser1: My sense of smell has never been very good, but that is a different matter altogether. Indeed I know some shops (particularly Dunkin Donuts locations) do bring their donuts in at various times of the day but we have others here who do bake them in-store.


@omnichad: That may well be it. The irony of it is that I generally ate the less-fried donuts ("Boston Kreme" at DD a personal favorite of mine) so the switch didn't change my dietary intake much.

This leads to a side question, how many names are there for this particular donut? Where I grew up it was always a "Bismark", but when I moved out to where I am now I asked for it as such and they looked at me like I just grew a second head out of my shoulder or something. I wonder how many other donuts have regional names as well...


They don't make the donuts at most locations anymore, they are delivered from a single store that makes them for the entire area.


Its because they got rid of the delicious, aromatic trans fats


The older I get, the more I find myself saying that things aren't as good as they used to be when I was younger. Hey, you kids get off my lawn!


You need to find an independent shop - we have on in Jax, FL called "The Donut Shoppe" - opens at 5 AM till they run out. Cash only and closed on Mondays... Always yummy and hot and been in business for 40+ years.

Oh and they come in a plain white donut box with a just an address ink stamp.

I'm so going tomorrow morning - thanks!!!


Around here they still smell like fat pills...good stuff those fat pills.


Yup- all the donut shops that are left in my area don't make their own donuts on site, so there aren't wonderful baking smells to enjoy. There is a local chain donut shop that doesn't make your donut until you order it- their shop always smelled so good. Unfortunately, they've closed all of the locations within a reasonable driving distance :( A freshly made custom-order donut always tasted so much better...


I go to a place across the street from work that makes all of their own donuts and it smells like a donut shop. The Shipley's donut on W Anderson Ln also smells like a traditional donut shop as does Mrs. Johnston's Bakery on Airport, and Round Rock Donuts (world famous) in Round Rock Texas. (If you can't tell, I like donuts). But a lot of the other shops don't have the traditional donut shop / bakery smell.


I have to drive 360 miles just to get to a damned Tim Horton's.


I used to work in a bakery. Around 2000 we stopped frying the donuts and they started to come in frozen. We'd merely warm them up and pour glaze on.


There is an independent donut shop in my town that has the donut smell. They also have much better donuts than any of the chain donuts shops or grocery stores.


If it's a small donut place and you can't see with your eyes where they fry and top the donuts, they are made somewhere else and brought there.

I buy donuts from local places because they taste better and they do have that donut shop smell because it is a guarantee they are made there.

We have like 12 local donut restaurants (stores? feels weird to say either) within a 20 miled radius that I have all frequented in the past. The best things are the special donuts that no one else makes. One shop has strawberry/peach/blueberry (whatever is in season) donuts with actual fresh fruit. Another place cheesecake donuts, apple pie donuts, banana cream pie donuts. Another has a "hyper-blueberry" donut that is just packed with blueberries, topped with a blueberry sugar glaze.

Hmm, I'm going to go get some donuts.


@curtisuxor: Would you please send me one of those hyper- blueberry doughnuts ? Thank you.


@ratmotor: I wasn't talking about the customers...


@magic cave: Urbanspoon it, a 97% rating - you would not be disappointed, I've been going there since as early as I can remember - at least 30+ years myself and I now live 17 miles away as an adult.


@kbsig106: I'm a Westsider, so it's only about 12 miles for me. Spouse is off on Wednesday, so we're planning a road trip reallly early: beat the traffic, be sure to get there before the good stuff is sold out. (Good stuff = everything, apparently.)

Apple fritters. I'm drooling on my keyboard.


@magic cave: Northsider here - B&R'd in Arlington.

++ on the Apple fritters aka "Uglies"

Wishing you safe travel and no traffic on I-10!