questionsdo you think the playstation vita will beat out…


I think if it comes down in price.


Hard to call either a winner. Take a look at Wii vs. PS3. Both have sold very, very well. Neither has lost to the other - they just take different parts of the market.

Me, I have no interest in a new PS handheld. I am a big fan of Mario and Sonic games, and play a lot of games of that nature. I don't care about first person shooters, realtime strategy, or RPG's. I already bought a 3DS and I love my Wii.


I'm severely disappointed with my 3DS. I have found things I enjoy, but I really think the games are bad. It's like the N64, there's like 1 or 2 good games like Mario, but everything else sucks.

I was also disappointed to find that there are games that are being sold that are not in 3D. I didn't find out until I bought one. SMT: Devil Survivor is that game.

I don't know if it will beat out the PS Vita because we are a country of casual gamers, but I hope it does just as well.