questionshave you seen the commercial?



I also like the VW commercial with the guy throwing the ball to his kid like a tard.


Sorry, but I didn't find it too funny. It uses a single word as a replacement for a vulgar word that sounds the same. It's an easy pun to make.

For example, that Aflac commercial could have said, "Get the duck out of here."

The Dell laptops on the home page in the Woot Plus area could have said, "You know you're in heaven and not in Dell."

A bunch of birds is not flocking funny.


I have a DVR; I don't watch commercials unless I'm watching a live sporting event. So I have no idea what you're talking about.


Sorry to the OP but nothing to see here.

@djp519: Me too, but he linked the youtube commercial in the extended part of the question. I agree with @cengland0: and will take part of what he said and make it my own: The commercial is not flocking funny.


I didn't think it was sofa king amusing.


I thought it was bold but overused. It stopped being humorous after the 4th or 5th time they said it.

I actually asked my wife last night what she thought about it and she seemed to think it was a little too crass as well. For me to say that, it has to be bad.


@caffeine_dude: @gmwhit is a "she". Unless I've been put on the Manti Te'o train.


I think your walking a thin line. I had to watch the commercial twice before I got the word "booking" right. I don't think it is in good taste. So what I have to say is "buck" your advertising group.


Perhaps you would find it funny too if your child was in the ad and i was bumping up against her or him and saying lets keep booking. Yeah i didnt think you would like that.