questionsmore info on the boss shirts, boss photo contest…


@dmaz: @agingdragqueen is a good person to ask, but I'll tell what I've heard. I speak with no authority whatsoever; this is just what I've heard/pieced together in d.w-chat. YMMV.

The contest will probably continue until around woot!'s birthday, but exact dates aren't known by us atm. Might go longer, might be shorter. No clue on what the prizes are; haven't heard from any winners talking about prizes myself, but there may be something I've missed.

On entering, what we've heard is that you can enter either way. Post your pic to the flickr page, or to the shirt.woot FB page - if you post there, it will get pulled over to flickr, so either way, you're golden. Of course, if you want to go ahead and post to both, I'm going to guess it's not a huge problem - no disqualifications for being overly careful!

Haven't entered yet myself, but I may. And when I ordered pizza last night, I did wonder how awesomely awkward it would've been if I hadn't traded away my "Special" Delivery shirt.


Oh hi! I run that, and I'd love to yoink your photoz!

We started off saying Facebook was the best place to put them since we wanted to keep them all in one spot. As time went by that seemed to limit the number of people who would be able to enter- and totally understand. So, that being said, any of these methods are fine and dandy:

Flickr group:

Facebook page: (either via message or post on the wall- though I will upload to Flickr using your name on Facebook unless instructed otherwise if that's a concern)

Email: (please include the name you'd like to be credited as)

As for how long this will go on? Dunno, we like it well enough so maybe past when we celebrate Shirt.Woot's anniversary- there may be plans for an actual celebration so stay tuned on that.



Be ware that I promise to alert long ahead of time if we're ending it abruptly, but honestly, as long as we keep getting the ok from our users to collect these awesome photos, we'd like to continue to encourage that.

Stuff I'm giving out? I keep it under wraps, mostly since it can change at any time what I'm able to give away. Right now I've been able to send some left over hoodies, coupons, and digital cameras or BOCs for our "best of" winners. I've also been promised "swag" from our Shirt HQ but they've been so backed up I haven't gotten it in, so that's been delayed- but I don't have any intentions of forgetting!


Ohhh, yeah, I've been waiting for my 'swag' as it was called for having my picture picked. I love surprises, so I really can't wait...although, so far, I haven't gone too crazy, lol!

I have more pictures I can post, is it possible to 'win' more than once? Considering I have a decent amount of woot! shirts now (so scary as I haven't been around long, lol). I have found myself with a shirt.woot addiction. Or...just a woot! addiction. Darn you!


@baybei: I'm so sorry re: lack of swag. I keep bugging them and it's looking promising for this week!

As for getting picked more than once? You most definitely CAN, it just hasn't happened yet which is kinda neat considering we've been getting so many awesome photos that are coming from a lot of different people- not just a tiny little group.


@agingdragqueen: Great! Now, be prepared for an influx from me! Time to get the camera out, the tripod and the self-portrait button ready to go! (yeah, every pic I take is me taking it of myself, lol!) But I've got some great ideas...besides making a fool out of myself :)

Oh, and it's OK, I'm just anxious to see the goodies. I'm loving the idea of a surprise, lol! I can be patient a while longer :)


@agingdragqueen: Thank you SO much for the quick response! :D I posted to the Facebook wall, as I'm still figuring out this whole new flickr thingy... And thank you for running and managing this contest! Both the quality of the product and the combination of staff+community are why I'm still an avid buyer, though I'm living 5,000 miles away from where my stuff is being shipped, lol.


@baybei: I was wondering the same thing just before I read your question! Haha, now I'm regretting not bringing my full woot shirt collection with me from home! Time to get creative with what I've got :)


I entered (a lot!) by posting on the facebook page. I won a coupon. I'm still entering, but somehow I don't think I'll be chosen again, so that others will have a chance. I love my woot shirts, though, so I'm enjoying sharing my photos.


No one needs to know what I REALLY look like. I would hate to post a picture of this retired old broad next to all of the young Turks posted. Hmmm. I think I need to enter with a substitute for me in the picture. I wonder if Angelina Jolie is available....


@belyndag: My cat won a prize for me! When I submitted a pic of myself, however, no win. I see how it is, ADQ!! ;D