questionsdoes anyone collect waterford or other crystal?


I used to collect crystal - much was sold in the estate sale when I moved. This is a lovely vase, and is usually priced at $39.95. Currently it shows as "Out of Stock." I'm certain that's because of the special price & code. Great buy for someone looking for this type of vase. Probably won't post on deals because it's a special link. Thanks for asking this question!


@gmwhit: Dang! I've posted deals with coupon codes from the Today Show before, including one today for two dozen roses. Ah, well. Still a beautiful vase and a good deal to replace one of these:


Has your mother ever forgiven you for this? My mother would let me know about this every day until the day she dies and then there would probably some kind of mention of this in her will.


@belyndag: Um, just what happened there?

In April of 1959 my dad retired from the USN and moved from our base in VA to the Cape Canaveral area to work there. He rented a little house and settled in; my mom, sister, and I stayed in VA to finish the school year.

A few days before we three were to arrive in Florida, Dad wrapped up the last of his "get the place ready for the family" tasks. His father, who had loved wood-working, had made my mom a beautiful cherry-wood shadowbox, which my dad carefully hung on a living room wall. With even greater care he unwrapped and shelved my mom's beloved Hummel figurines, which he'd bought for her on his many deployments to Germany. Stood back to admire his work, then bent down to retrieve all his tools. And then... stood up. Right into the shadowbox, knocking it and the Hummels onto the floor. The beautiful terrazzo floor. I still have a few of them, all painstakingly glued together. My mother loved them almost as much as she always had.


@magic cave: Mom asked me to vacuum for her when I was visiting last spring. I EVER-SO-SLIGHTLY bumped the bottom of the curio with the vacuum and had already moved to another section of the room when I heard the crashing start. One of the tiny little plastic thingamabobs supporting the second shelf had snapped spilling everything from that shelf down to the next shelf, and the next, and the next.... It was a lovely sparkling waterfall. I screamed like a horror movie starlet (but not so pretty).

No one really thinks I smashed the curio as there wasn't even a scratch on it. Most like Mom had overloaded the shelf (we kept warning her about that), but I felt awful. Every time I visit she has commented on how empty the thing looks. We have all been begging her to just move it or get rid of it as the last time the EMTs had to come for her they couldn't get the stretcher through all of her "stuff" but she won't budge.



-and another thing-

Anyway, I finally got new shelves made, and bought METAL shelf holder thingamabobs, but now I can't get the old plastic thingamabobs to come out or the new ones to go in. The next step is to bring DH with a drill or something.

Regarding the collection of crystal, the stuff on the very top shelf wasn't damaged, and I've been snagging sales I find (mostly here) to replace as much as I can. None of her stuff was terribly expensive, and nothing had great sentimental value either, thank goodness.

Bad news: I broke most of her crystal.

Good news: She will never ask me to vacuum again.

Sorry about your mother's Hummel collection. Pretty stuff!


@belyndag: I remember when you first told us this story. I still laugh when I read "I screamed like a horror movie starlet. It's so sweet of you to be working to replace all the broken crystal, and clever to replace the pegs. You could have a glass place cut you tempered glass for the shelves, tempered glass is amazingly strong, and as long as it isn't handled (and degraded by the acids in our skin) it stays incredibly strong for a long, long time. I've heard that even regular glass is as strong as steel when it rolls off the line, but handling weakens it dramatically. I have a tempered glass coffee table that I dropped a hammer on from 10' up (I was messing with the ceiling fan) and it just bounced off. I have a couple of sheets of window glass scraps from when they built a new Walmart and I have done everything I can think of to break that, including scoring it with a glass cutter then bracing it between cinder blocks and jumping up and down on it. It's still whole.


@belyndag: That's a really, really misery-making situation for you to have to go through. Even though it is (and was) obviously not your fault, just being the last person close to it would knot my stomach up. I'm sure your mom appreciates your subsequent purchases.

Thank you for your thought about my mom's Hummels. My father was totally distraught over it, and my mother cried, but it did open a new avenue for birthday and Christmas gifts for her. And only about half of them fell and broke, so there are still some intact.


I just seem to collect laundry...... and bills.


@belyndag: I remember you posting about this last Spring. I tell my mom your story all the time (her Curio sits in a high-traffic area and I'm just waiting for it to go the same way).

Try using a very small drill bit and a toothpick with super-glue on it. Leave it sit for an hour, and then remove it. Just be sure you don't get super-glue between the pin and the frame.


@capguncowboy: Thanks for the tip. I will pass it along to DH who I am HOPING will give me some help with it.

And PLEASE tell your mom that this should serve as a warning to her!

BTW, my mother has at least three other curios full of crap, er, collections. There is still more damage I can do.


Just an update: Mom is back in the hospital. I stayed with her last night (always and adventure) and am staying again tonight. One of my sisters took over this afternoon so I headed to her house for a nap. While I was there I tried AGAIN to remove the blasted pegs so I can replace the shelves, but it was a fruitless attempt. I was really hoping to have it all fixed by the time they release her and send her home. Argh!


@belyndag: I'm sorry that your mom is in the hospital. Is she feeling better? Are you taking care of YOU? Eating, getting sleep? I know it's hard, but you must do this. Must! Your health is important, too. (I'm getting to be quite an expert because of my own mom's hospital stays. -sigh-)


@barnabee: Thanks, sweetie. She is doing a bit better, which means she is becoming more unpleasant. LOL! Between my mom and my dad we've spent much of the past 28+ years sleeping in hospital room recliners and on ICU waiting room floors. I'm quite an expert, too. I've decided that they deliberately design the recliner/sleepers to be uncomfortable in order to discourage family from staying in the room. Silly people. If we weren't here who would do all of the fetching of one more cup of ice, one more blanket, one LESS blanket, changing the thermostat up, changing the thermostat down, ..........

Time to switch shifts with my sister. I'm wiped!


@belyndag: I heard about your Mom and wanted to call, but figured you would be busy or napping. I'm keeping you all in my prayers.


@blgauthier: Thanks. Prayers are much appreciated.