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i thought this one was pretty funny:


Maybe this thread is safe from hateful mods.(kidding dear TT, please don't slap me)

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haha! "when i sit down i look like a desk lamp" made me laugh so hard it hurt.


All funny, and all right on target. Don't have texts (my dogs aren't allowed to have phones yet), but this dialog often happens:

Me, holding yummy morsel out to Dog 1: here you go!

Dog 1, curling lips all up: Ewwwww! Yechhhh! What is that??

Me: Kraft Cheese. You like it, remember?

Dog 1, curling lips all up further and backing away: Ewwwww! Yechhhh!

Me: Okay, no problem. Hey, Dog 2, look what I have! Cheese!

Dog 2, bouncing all around hysterically: CHEEEEESE! Gimme gimme gimme! [gobble gobble snarf]

Dog 1, looking around frantically: No, wait! Where's mine? I want cheese toooooo!


Derp. Could someone have told me that I forgot to post the link????


@magic cave: "Dog 1, curling lips all up: Ewwwww! Yechhhh! What is that??"

Sounds like your dog rivals mine for suspiciousness. Maybe I haven't poisoned him in the 2+ years I've had him, but he's not gonna let his guard down any time soon!

ETA: My dog also doesn't have a phone yet. He knows paw and touch (nose), but that's probably insufficient dexterity for texting. When he hears a voice over the phone, he just sniffs the air to confirm that the person isn't nearby, so he really doesn't get that concept either. ;-)


2 favorites that haven't been posted:


I was hoping there would be more humor about canine visual processing and canine psychology. Funny stuff though.


Thank you for this. I really needed it. (And it somehow wasn't blocked. The one today about the car just kills me.)

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@ginawoot: :::nodding::: One dog is constantly worried about being poisoned, the other tends to eat anything handed to him.

Poor doggers... Mine keep telling me it's just not FAAAAIIIRRRRR that they don't have thumbs.


@thunderthighs: oops...sorry about that. i was so excited that you posted a thread about text from dog that i didn't notice. :P


@thunderthighs: I figured it was one of those things where every else knew what was going on and I was the only one in the dark. So I googled for it and found it on my own. I'm not actually one of the "cool kids", the anonymity of the internet and the omniscience of google just lets me pretend.


This made me laugh so hard I cried, the first time I saw it.


@thunderthighs: I'm easy; they ALL made me laugh. I think we were all in need of a little levity after the last week of unlevity. Dislevity? Levitylessness?

Thanks for the happy!


@thumperchick: That is too, too funny. Thx muchly!

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@thunderthighs: I'm certain that my dogs would lose, if ever ganged up on by squirrels.


@thumperchick: my dog would lose to a single squirrel (and she is a Boxer)