questionswhat browser do you use? (& woot browser stats)


Firefox user checking in.

From the Ars Technica article linked below comes this current overall browser usage info: IE leads with ~ 60%, Firefox is 2nd with 24% and change, with Chrome coming on strong at just under 7%.

Not too surprisingly the traffic to their site looks more like deals.woot's than does the general population.


Firefox as well. Safari gets too cranky some days.


IE 8 most of the day sometimes IE7 (work computer that I don't have admin rights to)

IE 8 at home


I use Chrome here. Well, most of the time anyway(I use Firefox maybe 20% of the time and IE/Opera 5%).

I was looking around for a stat page like @afurball found, but I got sidetracked... I found a bar graph with the same stats (generated today, so it is more recent and it also has more browsers):


@lordwoot: I didn't want to repost... But my computer froze up for 5 minutes so I couldn't edit my previous post. ARS's stats are only 98.29% and NetMarketShare's are 99.99% (.01% for margin of error?) of browser use.


@snapster: Well, since you asked:

Operating System/Browser(s)

MacOSX/[Firefox, Safari)
WindowsXP/[Mozilla 1.7.11, Firefox 3.6.3, IE 7]
WindowsXP/[Mozilla 1.7.11, IE 8, IE 7, Chrome]
Windows Vista/[IE8, Firefox, Chrome] {Sadly, Mozilla won't build for Vista}
FreeBSD/[Firefox, XEmacs] {I just hurt myself laughing over that one}
OpenBSD/lynx {okay, now I really am just entertaining myself}

Other than the editor (XEmacs) and the command line browser (lynx), those are browsers I use to visit the site (albeit not as much as I was, but at about the same ratio).

BTW, even though it was painful, just for grins and giggles, I logged in via the lynx browser. Voila! More statistics. Yes, I am having a good time. :-D

I'm trying to think of what other obscure port 80 accessing toy I have out there, now...


For our sites, our breakdown in ranking is more along the lines of:

IE(combined 6, 7, and 8)
Opera (including mobile)

I don't have exact percentages off the top of my head, but I can go look at a previous web log dataset when I get back to the office.

On a personal level, I use Chrome 90% of the time. I use IE for pages that Chrome has problems with. I almost NEVER load FF anymore. Years of constant crashing because of poor memory management code (dating all the way back to the Netscape days) took its toll on my Firefox loyalty.


@lavikinga: Safari usually gets cranky when you have Flash running somewhere, and sometimes I have to restart it. I find Firefox too slow on my mac though, so I've stuck to Safari so far.

Otherwise on the PC I've been using Chrome. Used to be a Firefox fan but it got slow on the PC too...

How's IE8? I swore off IE because I hated to have to deal with "IE special cases that don't conform to open standards", but I have no idea how well the new one works :)


@shrdlu: Just telnet to port 80 and issue commands manually. GET

Let me know if you get a response. I did not, although I didn't wait for a timeout because I am an impatient man.


@starfishie: There are still some special cases, but very few of them. However, IE8, for all its HTML compliance, is still the browsing equivalent of licking all the non-porous surfaces in a room full of flu patients.

If you don't catch something, it's only because you were incredibly lucky that day.


Silly me. Here's some more that I forgot.

Blackberry/whatever the browser is that it uses
iPhone/Safari (I think)
G1/whatever browser that the G1 users

How could I forget the Linux distros? Bad me.

Slackware/Netscape 4.77 {okay, it was last year, but it was funny}
Fedora8/Firefox 2

Next week, it'll be musical operating systems (Need Ubuntu, don't need Vista, that kind of thing), so this mix will all change.


@eneref: Please. Telnet? Netcat. You need something to give the responses back for all those cookies. Deals no workie without cookie.



@shrdlu: Ah yes. Cookies. Back in MY day, we didn't HAVE cookies....

Or something.


@eneref: I thought the proper response is "Well, I make my own cookies at home." No. Wait. That's on The instead.


Pulled up April 2010 stats from 20+ of my sites:

Surprisingly, visitors to my West Coast sites used IE more heavily than East Coasters.
The service or sales sites leaned very heavily towards visitors using IE, nearing 75% in some cases.
"Earth friendly" sites and those that would attract a more technical type saw a clear decrease in the use of IE (~55%).

Averaging all numbers together:

Internet Explorer - 62.1%
FireFox - 17.4%
Safari - 6.8%
Chrome - 3.1%
Opera & Mozilla - 2.6%
Others - 8%

(Does anyone remember Netscape?!?!)

Because the vast majority of visitors to my sites use IE, I use IE so that I know what they're seeing. I've begun checking my sites on FireFox since it's become more popular. I've noticed FF is very unforgiving.


@heymo: Just received this shirt yesterday! I LOVE IT!!! It's my new pajamas.


@heymo: Mosaic will not even render tables. Javascript? Hah! Don't make me laugh. CSS is another thing that it won't render (or even understand). Sure, I have the source code, but I'd much rather mess with Netscape (I have up to Netscape 7, I think). Besides, I need Netscape for the NSS.


Chrome user here...I love the versatility of it...though I have to say that when flash crashes every once in a while it's pretty annoying

Love chrome over both firefox and ie - pc user so I'd never think of installing safari.
Google generally does well at most things and chrome is definitely one of those things!

Thought woot definitely is awesome for all your online shopping needs! can't say I can get enough of woot!


order of use and preference:
opera (very limited use)

never used:


Firefox and Chrome only. Call me crazy but I like to keep my internet threats and annoyances to a minimum.


Chrome. Firefox was crashing constantly, and as for IE... no thank you.


I had to stop using FF it was getting so bloated. Chrome all the way.


some more detail - OS & Browser platforms combined, May to date:

- main woot -
Internet Explorer / Windows 35.73%
Firefox / Windows 31.22%
Chrome / Windows 10.90%
Safari / Macintosh 10.19%
Firefox / Macintosh 4.55%
Safari / iPhone 1.29%
Chrome / Macintosh 1.06%
Firefox / Linux 0.91%
Opera / Windows 0.88%
Safari / Android 0.68%

- deals.woot -
Firefox / Windows 34.99%
Internet Explorer / Windows 30.99%
Chrome / Windows 14.63%
Safari / Macintosh 6.59%
Firefox / Macintosh 4.92%
Chrome / Macintosh 1.41%
Safari / iPhone 1.19%
Firefox / Linux 1.08%
Safari / Android 0.86%
Opera / Windows 0.70%

Android data is quite surprising me; it correlates with sales data that in aggregate they (android based phones) will be far more numerous than iphones soon.


I'm diverse:
Firefox / Windows at work
Firefox / Macintosh at home
Safari / iPhone on the go...and from bed at home

I'm shamefully addicted...


I use Chrome mostly (fast!), Firefox when I need specific extensions.


I nearly always use firefox. I use Chrome on occasion, but I've got FF customized the way I like it with the extensions I want. I haven't put the time into Chrome to see if I can lock it down as tightly as FF (no ads, restricted Script access, etc.).

Oh, and Dolphin HD on my HTC (Android) Incredible. It's a big step up from the previous version of Dolphin.


Chrome is #1. By far the fastest. I found some neat extensions, not as many as Firefox, but enough for my needs.

Firefox was great but got glitchy and crashed too much.

IE I avoid as much as possible.


@anotherhiggins: You can restrict scripts and block ads in chrome

216 216

Chrome all day

Chrome at work
Chrome when i get home on Windows and Mac machines

216 216

@216: Good to know, thanks.

I might have to play with it more, then. I do tend to love my Google stuff.


I'll buzz in for Chrome. FF became too bloated, although I realize it is largely my fault for packing it full of extensions.

I'm pretty sure that if I bothered to clean more of the clutter out FF would be faster, but it will still never hold a candle to Chrome.

I also recognize that Google owns everything except for my soul, which is currently in Labs, so my soul-manager will be mainstream soon.

I'll sometimes flip over to FF, mainly to greasemonkey something.


Chrome for me too. Love many of the concepts that are built in to Chrome. Now that RoboForm has created a Beta version of their form filler that works with Chrome I am really happy.


big fan of opera. noticeable quicker than ff and ie and doesn't crash nearly as much. usually have too many tabs open to benefit from chrome's split processees.

Something i've noticed with Opera that only happens on woot sites - when I try to open the discussion posts listed on the main page, the link does not take me straight to the post discussed, just the page containing that post. Odd?


@bama89: And the "WOOT THIS DEAL" button doesn't work either!


Opera! I've been using Opera since v2 and can't go back.

Getting a little annoyed that some sites assume if you're using Opera, that you're a mobile, which is untrue.

Wouldn't use IE if you paid me.


I know it's long dead - and nobody will ever read it, but...

Chrome :D

I take that back, @tarantino likes posting on dead questions as much as I do!