questionswhat is everyone doing for the lunar new year?


It's Lunar New Year, Ground Hog Day, Candlemas, St Brigit's Day (and St. Brede's Day), and Imbolc, all rolled into one. I used to light a candle in each and every room in the house (using tea lights in a saucer of water in rooms where I might forget them). It's a celebration of the days getting longer, even though Old Man Winter seems to have us all in his grasp right now.

I'll celebrate almost anything. I admit it. I miss working with people that were Chinese, and am happy to tell you to have a Happy New Year, and to wish you good fortune in this year of the Rabbit.


We have a big old dragon head the kids made years ago out of a cardboard box and craft supplies -- it even had a working mouth! We take turns putting it on and draping a tablecloth around us to dance/stomp through the house making dragon noises. Then we eat and the kids find the red envelopes under their plates. We usually get take-away - Chinese, of course.


Oh, none of you are alone in celebrating this great holiday! :)

I'm not especially into doing the crafts for this one, but food is definitely a must, and fireworks are always fun! I almost forgot though - haven't done red envelopes for ages. That's what I get for not having been around family for some holidays for a while. But I'm thinking that some culinary specialties may make this one some fun - probably some Korean food this time around.


@eremita that sounds adorable. My siblings and I never did crafts when we were little so when we would pretend to be the dragon, we'd use my parents' blanket and wear whatever Halloween mask we could find.

Happy New Year to everyone!


I love America! What a great cultural melting pot! I'll pour a little out for the gods.