questionsdid you know that bonded leather is not anywhere…


Yep. Bonded leather is that stuff that looks good, but crumbles after some use (think about those cheap belts that people bought at American Eagle and Old Navy back in high school).

I did succomb to the bonded leather office chair though back in June. It was a good deal and if it lasts more than 2 years, I got my use out of it. My first bonded leather office chair lasted me about 6 years before it got to be so disgusting looking that I needed to rid myself of its existence... but I can't get myself to do it. It's so comfortable compared to my new one!


Yeah, I knew that. It's mostly polyurethane. The justification of calling it a leather lies in that scraps are shredded up and mixed in to give it (some) strength. Bottom line is that it makes for great marketing of a cheap product.


Lol. I was just itching to respond about comparisons to the food you eat... Then I see you beat me to the punch. :p. It's not just Arby's though... Watch what you cook from a box as well. ;)

This is just how things are these days, man. Very little is 100% genuine. Even the claim 100% is used disingenuously on labels. This is a case where I don't really mind, though. Saves some money.