questionsanyone have problem with condition of items…


here is there contact site address if that helps any:

I haven't seen their yet


here is some more info from their FAQ page:

What is your return policy? does not accept returns. For defective merchandise, notify us by filling out the form on our Contact page within 21 days of delivery for an exchange. Please include your order number, the name of the product, the date of purchase, and the issue you are having with the item. If the defective item is out of stock, it can be returned for a full refund. 

How long does it take for a refund to show on my account? 

Refunds generally show up within 5-7 business days, but on rare occasions they can take up 30 days. Please contact our customer service if you do not see the refund after 30 days.

btw, they switched names to in the last month


And finally, I have purchased many items from them and haven't had any problems, fwiw.


I have purchased a few items from this website. nothing recently but all items were as described, packaged well. I had an Altec Lansing radio dock that failed after a couple short weeks with minimal use, but it was refurb and cheap so i was not too upset.


I've had one problem out of maybe a dozen purchases and they resolved it promptly via their described process.

I was foolish enough to believe that their inexpensive diamond bracelet would have "lots of sparkle" as they described. Well, I could apply that description to exactly one of stones in the bracelet. The rest had about as much sparkle as a lump of coal. They gave me an RAM, I returned it, and they refunded promptly. This was a couple of years ago, though.


While you're waiting to contact them and to get a response from them, double check how much time you have to submit a dispute with your credit/debit card issuer. For most companies it's 60 days from the date of the statement that shows the purchase, but if you're not sure, check online or by calling them.

And if you have access to the webpage offer for the ipod, do a print-screen on it, just for backup purposes.


I was able to talk to a human at 1sale at (800)419-0100.

I'm a loyal customer, and continue to check them out daily. I haven't had any issues with my 8 different orders with them including the 17" HP refurb that I'm typing this on.

I agree that the shipping is long sometimes, but if I wanted something immediately I'd go to the mall and purchase it.


Extremely slow shipping on occasion has been my only problem with them. I ordered a shoe rack during The Great Closet Purge and Reorganization of 2013 on 7/7 and it didn't arrive until a couple of weeks ago. By that time, of course, I had given up on the closet purge. On the other hand, I ordered a Garmin Nuvi from them on 7/24 and it arrived in less than a week. I need to remember never to order something I need NOW from them or many other online stores. I just recently received notice that they had cancelled an order I placed in July as they ran out of the item or something like that. Disappointing.

Regardless, I have never had something that I ordered from them arrive in bad shape.


I've generally had good experience with them. Contact their customer service and tell them what happened. Most likely they'll send you a refund or a replacement.

It's a notoriously slow company when it comes to shipping though. The month timeline doesn't surprise me.


Yes, I ordered a mattress protector, which was described as "fabric" and when I received it, it was as close to fabric as a garbage bag.... pvc plastic. I emailed them about their misrepresentation of the product, but they would not allow me to return it. I took it out of the package after I realized they were not going to do anything about it and tried it on the mattress. I promptly removed it after 1 min of laying on it due to the sound that any slight movement caused which sounded like I was laying on a nice big blue tarp. Shame on 1saleaday. Buyer be ware is my opinion.


Look through the eBay Feedback for the same item (search for the iPods). It looks like many people received a used (refurb?) iPod when ordering new as well. It seem that they have taken to selling items that they do not physically have. Maybe selling for a 3rd party? I have gotten less and less happy with them over time.


I've purchased a few items, only concern is lengthy delivery time.


@magic cave: thanks! that's exactly what we'll have to do if we get no where with the site.


October 7th I placed an order for Swarovski crystal pens and receive a week later I Received gold plated pins not worth the money I paid for Swarovski pins. I've been battling with them ever since. Contacting the Better Business Bureau In the region of Florida where their headquarters resides and a deal was made that if I return the product I would get a refund when they receive the product back. I return the product it was received at their on November the 25th. However as of today I have not received the refund so I don't have any pens or money. What a mess. I have probably paid $180 for an education not shop at the one sale a day.