questionswhy can't i add a deal for this site?


There was a thread about a week or maybe two ago about certain websites not being allowed. If you feel the site has a good rapport and you'd like them to be allowed, email with your concerns and it will be reviewed (again).

A lot of sites get blacklisted for simply being too new to have established a reasonable amount of trust. Others are blacklisted for unfair practices or shady business tactics. At any rate, the incredible staff at woot will happily review your email and take your comments into consideration.

I'm not going to link the previous comments regarding this because I'm too lazy, but a simple search will yield that conversation.

Good luck!


@capguncowboy: Thank you - I did find several links with some great info, especially this one...

I also emailed 3 weeks ago with a rep telling me they would forward my email onto the Deals team.

Thanks again!


@Jumbowoot: I saw a thread that said to ask Jumbowoot about getting unbanned, any help would be appreciated... thanks.


Could you make the question a little more general?


@tsfisch: I tried posting the question 7 different ways and it kept getting rejected...


At one point in time deals from their site were allowed, but I think there were too many customer complaints. A quick google pulls up a few not so stellar reviews that include buyers receiving knock offs rather than the real deal.


@dangenuity: Just hit the site. Currently unavailable. We'll take another look at it if it ever comes back up.

All told.


I am not impressed with the site.


@dangenuity: Do you work for the site or are you affiliated with the site in any way?


@jumbowoot: Yes, I run it. Whatever, I need to do to get back in your good graces let me know.


@jumbowoot: Hi Jumbowoot - has there been any update to getting this ban lifted?