questionswhy was a soon-to-be-popular deal deleted? twice?


If it helps anyone with researching (if you even need to research it), the URL for the second deal was:


@anotherhiggins: Is there something perhaps against Facebook deals? Why would any non-offensive deal get deleted? There were some technical problems on the Chipotle FB page that was causing the video to load slowly, but I don't understand why the deal just didn't get turned off (go dead) instead of getting deleted.


I found out about the Chipotle buy one get one free from another source. After viewing a video on Facebook promoting an upcoming entepeneur show you get to print a coupon. It worked for me and I just finished eating a half price Chipotle meal for two. The deal is legit, but perhaps the Woot gods have issues with it. Hopefully they will enlighten us.


@durkzilla: I doubt it since, as I said, I got the coupon.


@anotherhiggins: agreed. not only did I get the coupon, but the hubby & i ate Chipotle last night for a total of $6.99 including tax. <3 that.

I was one of the posters of this deal as well. when i posted, i checked for duplicates & there weren't any - maybe i was checking in between other versions of this being deleted?

anyways, who should we invoke to get a legit answer to this one?


@smtatertot13: Okay, folks, just for the record, I'd bet that anyone you'd need to invoke has already seen this, but here you go:

@jumbowoot (Good morning to you, and your nice weather. It's 9 degrees outside, and the wind chill drops it to ZERO. Still, it's a lovely day, as long as you're only looking at it)

For the rest of you; himself is the man. You can call upon others, but basically, he's Mr Deals (I wonder if that name is taken???).

MOAR Coffee plz


@shrdlu: i'll probably remember from now on that @jumbowoot is always the one to invoke. Also, thanks for reminding me I made coffee when I got in this morning and haven't had a drop yet!

@jumbowoot: you should probably wear one of these from now on:


OP im 12 and whats this?

I got a print out b4 i left, but my question is, does one coup can be used more then one time. let say today and tomorrow?


@durkzilla: ...and the winner is...

We do our best not to refer the community to another referral deal.

We prefer to refer directly to the deal.

All told.


@jumbowoot: there's currently a thread for this deal on the popular tab with over 50 votes:

That's at least the 3rd thread about this, and I'm sure there were others that I didn't see.

To be clear, I did NOT create a thread for that deal, so I'm not personally affected.

But you've set up a competitive atmosphere, what with the rankings and everything. Some wooters don't care about that, but some do.

So do you understand why a member would be upset to have his/her thread deleted, only to see someone else come along later and post the same deal that then goes on to be incredibly popular? Maybe even the most popular deal of the day?

I'm just asking that you guys try to be evenhanded in your treatment of your members/supporters/customers.


@anotherhiggins: Thanks for the heads up.
We've taken that down.


So count me confused. Is there a link that would take you straight to the deal instead of through Facebook? If so, can someone post it? I'm hungry.

If not, I guess I don't understand what the expectation is from the woot gods.

hlx hlx

@jumbowoot: Interesting. I'm completely neutral on this (as you might expect), being a Spacebook hater from way back, but I'm wondering where this deal falls in that spectrum.

I almost used the tattle to ask you directly, but thought a comment here might prove more helpful, since it provides further guidance on what is or is not a good coupon to post.


@shrdlu: In the link you provided, we are referring you to the location where you acquire the item. A single referral. In the facebook example, there is a second referral.


@jumbowoot: Well, then, I'm glad I didn't tattle on it. I appreciate the explanation of the difference, and I'll try to keep it in mind when looking at other items. Thanks.


@jumbowoot: How can I vote down your comment?

So what you're saying is that if it's something USEFUL you delete it but you leave all the crap up for lingerie by these companies that post a constant stream? Way to go! Awesome policy.


I was the one who posted twice. There was no privacy concerns, and I could have posted a direct link to the page. It was frustrating because I posted once, it was taken down. Posted again, taken down. Seriously? It's a legit deal!! And it didn't refer to another GAVE you the coupon!!...


stupid to take this deal down.