questionswhat are some good ski or snowboard brands?


As a professional snowboard instructor at a major resort, and being Pro for over 20 years now. This is a simple answer...

A: Which ever board is best for you, your riding type, your ability, and any limitations you may have physically. Also matching gear to all of those things, bindings, boots, and yes your outer layers as well!

The real answer you are looking for is simple. If you are just starting out. first BUY BOOTS. BUY NICE BOOTS. (nice boots run $200-400 snowboard and $400-1000 ski) Board and Ski designs change yearly. the last 5 years has brought some very dramatic changes. Some good some bad, but all different then what it was 10 years ago. Having your own boots that fit well, feel good, offer good support, and molded to your feet, (also not stinky rentals that 1000+ people have worn) is a better purchase then buying a cheap full snowboard set up. RENT the high end gear and wear your boots. When you are good enough, you will know what gear to buy.