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Please understand that there are many circumstances where another user may see a reason to tattle on an expired deal. If we see those same conditions when we are reviewing the tattle, we will expire the deal. Those conditions may change again making the deal available again. We would prefer another post as it is a new event. I have fixed this one at your request. In the future, if your deal has been expired and it is available again, feel free to post the deal again as a new event.

All told.


@jumbowoot: Obviously, it's quite possible that the deal was momentarily out of stock, while they arranged for an additional lot.

Based on earlier discussions, I had been under the impression that such a case would be considered part of the same "event" (see and

Thanks for the response and clarification.


@jumbowoot: Waaait a sec. It's still marked dead... possible bug? That might explain why tattling had no effect.


@heymo: yes it is still RIP. so yay you get to post it again as a new deal. over and over and over.

the good news is, it's possible it could go popular again like the last one and get you more points. the bad news is, the situation sucks and you might get labeled as the person who always posts the same tired star trek cufflinks deal. pick your poison

if you want to post again, turn to page 12.
if you want to let this one go, turn to page 15



Page 15: "Deciding to let this one go, you turn around and walk through the door. Outside, the sun warms your face, lifting your spirits. You breathe in the fresh air and consider your return to the land of Woot. While your guard is down, a dragon swoops down from behind a cloud and devours you whole. He must have been out of ketchup."

You are dead. Want to try again?


@heymo: turn to page 13 to try again
turn to page 16 to not try again.

turning to page 13 "You are glad you bought the Star Trek cufflinks, since just before the dragon swooped down on you, you were able to tap them and yell BEAM ME UP Scotty! and get rescued. Back on the ship, you notice everyone looks like apes"


@w00tgurl: Shouldn't that be monkeys? This is Woot after all.

Then again, "Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty monkey!" just doesn't have the same ring to it.


turning to page 16 You are still dead. Want to try again?

Turn to page 13 to try again. Go to the top of this page to not try again.