questionsanyone still waiting for a christmas gift to…


If you are still waiting on that package from Best Buy....It ain't coming.


Yes, but to be fair I ordered it on the 28th..


Yes and no. I ordered something from Dino Direct on Nov. 20. They never informed me until about 2 weeks before Christmas that it wasn't in stock. I cancelled the order and scrambled to replace it. Apparently they had just sent out the package after I had cancelled. Last I checked though it was still in China. I am supposed to not sign for the package once it arrives here. I'm pretty sure I will not be placing an order with them again although their customer service wasn't bad once I discovered the problems.


@ali1331: Never heard of Dino Direct... Hope the purchase wasn't for a significant amount of money.


Yeah, I ordered something from at the beginning of December and its STILL in Hong Kong. When it does get here, I hope its worth the $30...


I bought 3 random shirts from shirts.woot the last time they had them. It was purchased on the 19th and was shipped on the 20th. Estimated deliver originally was December 28th. My new estimated deliver this morning was the 9th.

UPDATE After posting this I looked at my shipping status to make sure I was correct on the 20th date and it had updated to being at my local USPS facility.


I have had too many nerve-wracking last minute or late arrivals of orders, so I got Amazon Prime. It was strange though because I ordered a bunch of items at the same time and it seems they shipped individually. My poor UPS man got a workout. Only downside of Prime is they won't ship to my PO box for two day shipping.


I am still waiting on knit caps for my nieces & nephew...

(someone may have forgotten to make them)


@jimmyd103: Thanks for the concern. It wasn't that much and the replacement I had to buy was double the price but I think all has worked out OK.


A New Order DVD my wife ordered for me for Christmas, arrived a few days ago. So I got to unwrap the brown envelope as opposed to Chriatmas wrapping paper - lol.