questionshow do you change or cancel an order on woot?


Send an email to and they will do their best to help you. Check your spam filter before giving up on their will come.


This is a weekend; you won't get a reply until Monday.


I've never had luck canceling an order. Even a few minutes after purchase. Ok only tried once, but have heard other wooters have had same issue.
Maybe with the shopping cart it will be different .
They said they printed the ship label as soon as placed and they couldn't go through them all to find it and change it.


Even though they are owned by amazon, woot! customer sevice is very good.
I've had a few reasons to reach out to them and they have always found a way to fix things.


@mkentosh: I've only dealt with Amazon customer service a couple of times and they promptly resolved my issues to my satisfaction.

I once contacted Woot about an item that was broken is shipment and they took good care of me too.