questionstriangle club - thread for finding fellow deals…


Maybe we could have this link added to the unofficial FAQs?

Come on, guys! Help your fellow Triangles. Go leave a simple comment over on the thread so we can hunt you down and send you love notes/fan mail in the future.


I wanted to check and see if I had already left a comment. Didn't take too long to find out lol.


Done. And now, back to our regularly feature programming.


Right. Checked in, although I can generally be found in the back alley that is shirt.woot!

vote-for7vote-against how will my life be different now?


@lumpthar: Magical Leprechauns should appear in about 15mins to give you some gold......Well, either that or something weird is going on at my place... either way, its gonna be magical!


@Beefmoe64 - there is someone asking for you over at shirt.woot - HERE. I told them I would try to page you from here. Thanks!

(If anyone is still subscribed to this thread, apologies for the faux update.)