questionswhat would you do if you were this guy?


i'd ask him what his pig was doing at the golf course. then advise him to find the alligator's natural enemy and see if they can team up to scare the family jewels out of it


why would a pig (even if a prized pet) be wearing a valuable, prized family heirloom?
this has to be faked.


Oh, so crazy.


I want to know if the pig was also wearing lipstick. Because if it was, I know what was going on, and not just because I am a Floridian.


It has the makings of a good 20 minute sitcom story, that will subsequently be resolved in favor of the protagonist, but ending with a comical twist.


Yeah, but what did he shoot on the course?


If it weren't for the gator, I would have gone with Germany over Florida.


@w00tgurl: We build houses right on the golf course down here.

Also, gator hunters are a dime a dozen. All he has to do is say the gator is a nuisance and a trapper will come get it.

My neighbor had a pot belly pig that ran loose. It had a large dangly earring in one ear. Bobcat got him. I dunno if they got the earring back.

We Floridians are unique.


I would kill that sum o bioch gator for taking all my bacon!


This is why I have 2 cats and 1 doesn't leave the house and the other doesn't leave the yard. Neither of them wear fancy necklace.