questionswhat's driving ssd prices up?


Supply and Demand. <- The only thing I remember from ECO101.

Just a guess. I'd expect them to be lower these days too.

But then again, the technology in SSD is much more complex than those Hard Disk Drives. IMO.


The technology is still moving forward. If you remember, it kept driving the prices of HDDs back up a few years ago until it finally plateaued and stopped getting better. They would rise about 10% then fall about 15%, then repeat. Then they stopped moving forward and hit rock bottom. Then the flood came along and ruined that. They're finally getting back to about where they were pre-flood.

You can get an SSD for cheap from time to time. You just have to buy at the right time. The new series of drives came out at the end of last year, so my bet is that it'll be a couple of months before they come out with another new line. You should be able to pick up the current line for cheap around then.

Either way, they're definitely not as high as they were a year ago.


I'm only guessing here but I think they are picking up in popularity because they are easier to use now and because they did get cheaper and also just because of the passage of time and the spread of information. Regardless, the more popular they are the more they can drive up the price.

Alternatively, six months ago is just before black friday and holiday shopping madness. That's when I got an ssd too. So it might've just been the time of year.


@jeffjonez: Here is a 500gb Samsung 840 for 319.99 from Newegg

It shows up as $369.99 but with promo code EMCXVWR44, you can get an extra $50 off. Might be worth it if you're in the game for one. The 840 series isn't as fast as the 830 -- you have to get the 840 pro for that, but most people won't notice a difference between the two. You can't beat it for the price right now.

It's still not the $.50/GB mark, but it's getting there.