questionsi'm repalcing my pc. any advice?


If you're not looking to build one yourself, I've had great experience with scratch and dent Dell. They mark them down for the smallest imperfections.

vote-for2vote-against their scratch and dents are awesome. Occasional sales make the deals even better.


If the goal is for the game specifically, I would target exceeding the Recommended Specs rather than Minimum. I don't know if you've ever had a comp that ran a game on bare minimum, but it really doesn't cut it. You have to lower the graphic settings down to the point where you don't want to play anymore. :(

I'd gut everything you had before and salvage the case, HD, optical drives, peripherals, graphics card and RAM. Get a new mobo and CPU. Obviously, if the gfx card won't cut it, you'll need to replace it, but it seems like everything else should be transferable. To get rid of everything, please properly dispose of it at an approved e-waste site.


@jesseroo: I'll second the Dell Outlet. I've purchased both laptops and desktops from there and have had great luck.


If you are building on your own then look at the Newegg Shell Shocker.

$290 for those parts
$100 for Windows 7 Home Prem 64bit
$75 for ATI HD 6670
$22 for another 4GB of RAM
$487 for all the parts. I doubt you can find a computer for similar price with similar parts pre built.


Have you looked at AMDs new APUs? They're pretty affordable...
Assuming you were trying to save money you could use some parts you already have (Reformatted HDD, Case, PSU, GPU (unless you want a better one)). You just need Windows 7, a MOBO, Memory, and APU and you can do that pretty easily under $500 on Newegg.

Rough Estimate I put together came up to $395 for Windows, MOBO, Memory, and APU.

Edit You could shave off some money from that number if you wanted from everything but Windows (obviously).