questionsdid everyone buy more woot monkeys today?


I want them! I left all my cards at home today so hopefully they will still be up when I get home tonight.


The 5 pack is cheaper per Monkey than the 7 pack...

5 Pack for $12 = $2.40/Monkey
7 Pack for $20 = $2.86/Monkey

Both have free shipping... Someone please explain!


Thanks for posting this.

Just purchased 5 more monkeys for my parents.


@jsoko: I wondered the same thing... maybe it's because the green and black are "very limited"?

"7 Cape Colors included: Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, Pink, and the 2 VERY LIMITED Green and Black!"

I used a @jumbowoot coupon, so my 7-pack was only $15. :-D


I would, but my wife would kill me.


I purchased the set of 7 w/ jumbowoot coupon!

And if you didn't notice, they aren't wearing the crappy masks ;D


@anorion: I did but do not tell my wife!
And when it comes everyone just needs to say it is a gift from JW.


If they ever did a Woot Monkey version of Friends, that last photo of the seven would be perfect.


And the radiator in my car couldn't have gone out at a worse time!


I confess that I bought the seven pack: these will be my first REAL woot! monkeys. I am too excited! I discovered my JW coupon and the monkey sale back-to-back as I was rushing out the door late to work:
neuro's thought process:


I saw the monkeys and was literally jumping for joy. This was after I was at work. I had to deposit some money just to buy them, but I had to have them! I started woot! after the real monkeys were already gone. I have, however bought some off other woot users, as I so desperately needed them.

Yay! Hooded monkeys. My day is now perfect! :)


Thanks for the heads up! Like others used coupon for the 7 pack.


I thought I would post this in case anyone missed it.

We'll ship these along with the Monkey Games Torch of Crap on August 8th!


I finally got some more monkeys. Yay! Okay, I did buy a trio of the last ones they offered (the ones with the masks) but they are -- um -- differently abled.

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